Body Found In Chestnut Hill Reservoir

Early this morning, a man walking his dog reported a body floating in the Chestnut Hill reservoir. The body has not yet been identified, and it is not known whether the body is that of a man or a woman.

“State police detectives assigned to the Suffolk DA’s office are en route to the area of the Chestnut Hill Reservoir this morning for a report of a body in the water,” said Jake Wark, Press Secretary of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, in an e-mail. “Procedurally, the Suffolk County State Police Detective Unit has jurisdiction over death investigations in state waters within the City of Boston, hence their deployment.” The Chestnut Hill Reservoir was the site of numerous police searches in late February after the disappearance of Franco Garcia, WCAS ’12, on Feb. 22. Garcia has not been seen or contacted since then, and the searches throughout the end of February yielded no evidence related to his disappearance. State police investigators photographed the scene on the Chestnut Hill Ave. side of the reservoir before going to retrieve the body. The body was removed from the water in a white bag shortly after 10 a.m.

“No identification has been made at this time, nor is one expected in the immediate future,” Wark said. “Updates will follow when appropriate.”

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