Devino Named University Secretary, Vice President

Rev. Terrence P. Devino, S.J., director of Manresa House and special assistant to the president, will succeed Mary Lou DeLong as vice president and University Secretary upon her retirement in January. Devino, who has also worked in leadership positions at Fairfield University and the University of Scranton, is looking forward to the new challenges the job presents.

“I love BC and I love Jesuit education, so to be a part of this University at a different level and in a different way is great,” Devino said.

As University Secretary, Devino’s responsibilities will include overseeing the annual Commencement ceremony, as well as the Sesquicentennial Committee, which plans the events of the University’s 150th anniversary celebration.

Devino said he is most excited to work with members of the campus community from a variety of areas. The Commencement Committee consists of about 50 staff members, representing “almost every constituency on campus,” according to Devino. “It’s really kind of exciting.

“For me the most exciting thing is widening my experience at BC and getting to know people in different areas across the University, meeting new people and being involved in a whole new thing.”

Devino was approached for the job by University President Rev. William P. Leahy, S.J.

“Fr. Devino knows Boston College well and brings substantial experience from his work here and from his previous assignments at Fairfield University and the University of Scranton,” Leahy said. “He will be an engaging presence among our students, faculty, and alumni.”

Devino said he is also looking forward to the new experience he will gain from being in a higher leadership position. “It’s a new challenge, it’s something new, and with the grace of God and the companionship and assistance of so many people on campus I’m looking forward to it greatly,” he said.

For the time being, Devino will serve in both his current capacity as director of Manresa House and in his new role as University Secretary. He will have the assistance of an intern from the School of Theology and Ministry, and feels confident in his ability to manage both areas effectively.

“One of the things that’s most important to me is that I continue to have the experience of working with our students,” he said.

Specifically referring to Commencement, Devino said he is excited to create an event that helps students reflect on their time at BC, much as St. Ignatius often told his followers to reflect on their lives.

“Gratitude is a necessary element of our lives that we should never underestimate,” Devino said. “So too with Commencement-it is really our responsibility as a University to take the Commencement moments, and assist our students in their reflection upon the four years and accompany them to a place of gratitude.

“So for me, to be a part of Commencement in my role as University Secretary, is very Ignatian. It’s very much an honor to assist those who arrive as freshmen with dreams and hopes to commence their time here with a spirit of gratitude.”

In addition to his work with Commencement and the Sesquicentennial Committee as University Secretary, Devino will be responsible for the University’s charter and the official University seal.


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