Frozen Pipe Bursts In Yawkey Center

Around 4 a.m. on the morning of Saturday, Jan. 26, sprinkler heads on the fourth floor of Boston College’s Yawkey Athletics Center burst, leading to significant flooding in the building. According to Boston College Director of Facilities Michael Jednak, the burst was due to pipes frozen as a result of the recent spell of cold weather.

The leak affected events on campus Saturday-over 100 football recruits, on campus for Junior Day, had to forgo a tour of the weight room and offices in Yawkey Center.

The Boston Police Department first responded to the flooding, which initially spilled out into the road. Later on, Pro-Care Incorporated, a company that specializes in disaster restoration services, sent response teams to the campus. By noon on Saturday, the process of pumping water out of the building was still underway, and ice had formed down the side of Yawkey.
According to Jednak, while cleanup was already underway, appraisal of the full extent of the damage was ongoing. “We have water damage on four floors on the Yawkey Center,” Jednak said in an email. “Carpets and walls are wet and need to be dried. Electronics equipment damage is being assessed.”

The weight room took the brunt of the leak-parts of the ceiling had to be removed, and a drop ceiling has been installed in the meantime. Additionally, sections of drywall throughout the building have been removed to prevent mold.

Jednak said that while the water damage is interrupting business while cleanup is ongoing, no departments or people will need to move their offices out of Yawkey Center.

“The bulk of the repairs will be completed by the end of the week,” Jednak said. He added that repairs would be a combination of in-house efforts and contractors’ work. The cost of repairs is unknown at this point.

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