Quad To Undergo Renovations Over Summer

According to the Boston College Chronicle, the Academic Quad-located in the center of Devlin, Fulton, Lyons and Gasson Halls-will undergo landscaping changes this summer. The renovation will begin the day after Commencement, May 21, and is scheduled to finish before classes resume in the fall.

“The Quad project will entail replacing the present network of paths and its central hub with a diagonal north-to-south walkway, and leveling the area’s grade to provide improved pedestrian traffic flow and provide better outdoor function space,” the Chronicle reported. “Most of the trees now standing will be removed to provide for a central open space, and replaced with flowering trees and seat walls around the perimeter. The large linden in the southern corner in front of Lyons Hall will be retained.”

For its duration, the project, largely similar to the changes that O’Neill Plaza saw during the summer of 2012, will necessitate the closure of the pathways that run through the Quad. Lyons and Fulton will still be accessible, however.

“Once the Quad is redone, you will have a continuous path from the front of O’Neill to Stokes, creating a more unified campus,” Vice President for Facilities Management Daniel Bourque told the Chronicle. “As with the Plaza, the Quad will have more usable and attractive space for relaxation and recreation, or for public events.”

Additional renovations taking place over the summer include the upgrades of fire alarms and sprinkler systems in the Mods and Rubenstein Hall; the installation of an air conditioning system in Conte Forum; and upgrades to teaching labs in the Merkert Chemistry Center. Renovations to St. Mary’s Hall are continuing as planned.

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