LTE: BCSSH shortens name to SSH

In case a five-letter acronym is too long and unwieldy to use casually in conversation, the student organization formerly known as BCSSH has changed its name to Students for Sexual Health (SSH) as we move forward in promoting sexual health awareness and resources on Boston College’s campus and beyond. As we continue to sharpen our focus on the dire need for resources and discussions around sexual health, sexual assault prevention, and safe sexual decision-making, we remind ourselves that these issues are urgent outside of the BC community as well as inside.

Our first event under our new name will be our annual Sexual Health Trivia event on Thursday night from 8:45 to 10 p.m. in the Roggie’s basement. It will be full of fun and good company as we all learn more about sexual health and how to protect others and ourselves. This event is 18-plus with valid state ID/passport and all are welcome. Price of admission is $3/person or $5/two people. Teams can be formed at the event, and door prizes will be available to all participants so that no one leaves empty-handed.

Students for Sexual Health is committed to improving sexual health education and resources for all students at BC. We seek to foster dialogue on campus and provide comprehensive information about sexual health, as well as to campaign for policy reform, including but not limited to affordable and confidential STI testing and the availability of contraception on campus. We seek to engage with the health of the whole person-emotional, social, environmental, physical, spiritual, and mental-in order to empower students to make informed and healthy decisions.

Students for Sexual Health

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