OshKosh B’gone: Embracing A Modern Take On The Overall Trend

Many a carefree day of my youth was spent in OshKosh B’gosh floral patterned shorts overalls. With a pink t-shirt and a pair of squeaky white Keds, there was no stopping me. I looked good. With all the style of a pair of shorts or pants, but including a handy extra bib front to make going to the bathroom extra difficult and with the added bonus of a flatteringly placed breast pocket, overalls are the ultimate hybrid. But overalls aren’t just for the toddler set, playground kids, or farmers anymore. Chic ladies are taking on the challenge of getting these buckles strapped on properly. This could perhaps be my new favorite flashback fashion choice.

Back in the day, overalls were worn over your regular clothes to protect them when you were working on the farm and such. These days, the trend has transitioned from men to women and has been topped off with silk blouses, leather finishes, and high heels. The only thing that needs protecting is my bank account-from the havoc I will wreak while shopping my new favorite trend. It’s a whole new world of denim, and I’m ready to dive in.

Option one is to really take it back. Nothing says youth quite like a pair of shorts overalls. Though this may seem like too literal of a throwback to the ’90s, think about slipping those on in the heat of June. White denim overalls and a red tank? Sign me up. Throw on a pair of metallic gladiator sandals for good measure and some big sunglasses to chic it up. Your backyard BBQ just got a whole lot better. And if you get stuck talking to a stranger, at least your overalls are a good conversation starter.

There is something so appealing also about a pair of classic denim, full-length overalls. One of my personal favorite fashion bloggers, Blair Eadie of the blog Atlantic-Pacific, has been blogging up a storm of overall outfits. With a gray and white baseball tee, a tightly wound scarf, red heels, and an enormous top-knot, Eadie brings “fabulous” and “overalls” into the same sentence for the first time since my OshKosh B’goshes have been retired. Sadly, Eadie’s dark modern pair from Current/Elliott will set you back a cool $348. Although sites like Asos will have plenty of options-in both long and short, fitted and loose-I have my eye on a short pair for the months ahead.

Celebrity overall fans include: Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, Julianne Hough, Heidi Klum, Kiera Knightley, and Emma Watson, to name a few. Somehow this trend manages to read as both high fashion and all-American. Rugged blue denim and a plain white tee makes me crave summer baseball games and the familiar sound of the ice cream truck. Throw them on over a bathing suit, and you are ready for anywhere your summer day may take you-unless your summer day is taking you to a corporate office … probably don’t wear overalls there. Just a note.

To keep this trend fresh, remember to make them your own. Cuff the bottoms as necessary and for a chic, easy look. Pair with heels to add a touch of sophistication and offset the bagginess of a casual pair. For short overalls, consider trying a tall knee-high gladiator sandal in a bright white, or even a pair of classic Converse All Stars. Don’t forget to play with the top. Unlike a jumpsuit, you have more freedom here. While classic white is a great choice, think about fabrics. Try a silk blouse, college tee, or floral crop top for those hotter summer months. Lace or a button-down chambray shirt are also nice choices.

Don’t overlook the power of your favorite accessories. Just because you are in overalls doesn’t mean you need to be casual. Stack on all of our favorite jewelry and a coat of lipstick for good measure-always. Lastly, pairing a blazer with your overalls can be a wonderful option. Try a pop of color, or a crisp white version left open. Light summer scarves, and big summer hats are also great options. Modern styling will help this old school piece transition comfortably into your current wardrobe.

Men, I am sorry, but this trend is really not for you. Cue to a photo of Jack Black wearing a pair of tightly fitting bib overalls. Honestly, viewer discretion is advised. To say the least, the pair was fitting weirdly, and Black looks like a weird man-boy. Unless you are literally on a farm milking a cow, there is no reason a grown man should be wearing overalls. Sorry to discriminate so harshly along gender lines, but leave this throwback to the bravest of the brave ladies. And when you see me, walking alone across campus in cropped overalls and an out of place and oversized floppy sun hat, know that I look good, and that laughing and pointing is not encouraged.