Breaking Back

Relief pitcher Jordan Weed stepped up to the plate to bat as sunlight began to fade on the windy Shea Field and the softball game against UMass Amherst stretched into 10 innings. Weed gripped the bat-the Eagles were down 3-2-and swung, sending a hard line drive into center field. Two players touched home base, and Boston College immediately defeated the Minutewomen 4-2 in a walk-off win Wednesday night.

The game began with the Minutewomen taking an early lead in the third inning. In the third inning, UMass took a 1-0 lead. With Cote Clark on second base and Taylor Carbone on first base, UMass outfielder Lindsey Webster hit a curving line drive into right-center field, bringing Clark home and putting Carbone in scoring position on third. BC pitcher Nicole D’Argento caught a shallow fly ball to close out the top of the third inning.

The Minutewomen would add one more to their tally in the sixth inning when Bridget Lemire led off and hit a solo homerun with a full count, putting UMass up 2-0.

In the same inning, the Eagles leveled the score line when Alana Dimaso drove the ball into left field, batting in two runs.

With no further runs scored, the game was sent into extra innings after seven.

Both sides of the mound proved to be dominant on the night. D’Argento pitched a little more than seven innings for the Eagles, allowing five hits, while Minutewoman Caroline Raymond pitched the entire game, only letting up three hits. Those hits came from D’Argento, Daulton, and Weed.

The scoring picked up in the 10th inning when, by the rulebook,  each team starts with a runner on second base.

UMass managed to bring that runner home after a sacrifice bunt and a single. Daulton had trouble snatching up a hard hit, and Quianna Diaz-Patterson ended up scoring for the Minutewomen.

After a double play from the Eagles, they stepped up to bat in dramatic fashion. With one out and the bases loaded, junior Annie Sommers hit a fly ball, which was caught by Diaz-Patterson in the infield.

Weed stepped up to the plate with Raymond starting the count at 3-0, coming close to a walk, and putting the score line at 3-3. Raymond managed to throw two strikes in a row, putting Weed at full count. Then, Weed made solid contact to win the game for the Eagles accompanied by a cacophony of cheers from the sidelines, and a rushing of the field from the BC players.