‘The Heights’ Will Shift To New Online Platform

The new website will enable The Heights to have a stronger web presence, improve online content

The Heights’ primary website, BCHeights.com, will undergo a full, top-to-bottom redesign this summer. Beginning June 1, our website will switch from its current state to an under-construction notice, which will remain on the page until the first print issue of the fall semester. BCHeights.com will be up and running again on Sept. 4 with a brand new design on a site fully owned and operated by The Heights, Inc.

These changes do not mean that our online coverage will be discontinued during the summer. Sports content can be found on our sports blog at BCHeightsSports.com, and all other new content will be posted on the main blog at BCHeightsBlog.com. As our online archives will need to migrate over to the new version of the website, they will be unavailable during this transition period. To find old Heights stories or issues, readers can visit newspapers.bc.edu, issuu.com/bcheights, or contact our Online Manager at [email protected] with an archive request.

The launch of a new version of the website is a necessary move for the paper. The current status of the site fails to serve our readers and our staff adequately, and the redesign’s goal is both to fix these issues and facilitate more interesting, engaging, and timely content. While the website has operated with the help of an outside company up until now, it is time to embrace a move to a stronger web presence over which The Heights has complete control. This move in no way diminishes the importance of our print product, which will continue to be produced twice per week. This semester, the size of the print issue was reduced to 16 pages. Coupled with a continued investment in our website and blogs, this change will ensure that the print product partners effectively with the online product, rather than treating the online product as a mere supplement to, or basic reproduction of, what appears in print. The entire journalism industry is moving to embrace multimedia-The Heights has lagged behind in this endeavor up until now, but this redesign is an important step to rectify that problem.

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