Don’t Worry, Brad Bates, We Already Created Your Sushi Menu

Boston College athletic director Brad Bates announced 12 new initiatives for home football games today, but the last one was the best:

12. New Food Offerings –Alternative grab-and-go food items such as gourmet salads, fresh sushi and sandwiches will be available at Alumni Stadium concessions for fans looking for healthy gameday options.

Nothing says November football in Boston like some soft-shell crab, cucumber, avocado, and rice. A simple spider roll won’t do, though. The Heights editors went ahead and came up with a menu ready to debut for tomorrow’s home opener.

  • Kasim Edamame $9.10
  • The Doug Flutie Hail Nigiri $6.30
  • Ian White Tail $6.20
  • The Johnny Sake $13.00
  • ShaSherman Sashimi $6.00
  • The York Fried Rice Roll $9.63
  • #Dude Where’s My Sushi?…Roll MKT
  • The Rice Bucket Challenge (not a roll, just a gallon bucket of rice) $100
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