Thumbs Up To The Things That Keep Us Sane During Midterms

Thumbs Up

Writing on the Wall: The farthest stall on the right in the Bapst men’s bathroom has some prime graffiti. There must be 110 puns written on the grout in between the tile above the stall. We always appreciate a good pun. You know, “The Grout Gatsby,” “The Grout Escape,” “Groutsiders,” and “Grout You Find This Funny” are all excellent examples of the kind of humor that desperate Adderall-driven college students devise around finals time. What better way to procrastinate than bringing laughter to the lives of your fellow delirious students.

Arboreal Additions: Some trees have been planted next to the seventh floor of the Commonwealth Ave. parking garage. In a space that is constantly filled with dust and debris kicked up by the nearby constructions on St. Mary’s Hall, we think this is a welcome addition. Maybe, just maybe, our everyday air will be cleaner. Fingers crossed.

Changing of the Leaves: Sources close to TU/TD have informed us that last weekend was the official “Leaf Peeping” weekend in New England. The oddities of that name aside, we find it amusing that people travel to New England from all over the country to watch leaves change color, and this is taking into account that we come from a place where the leaves of most trees don’t change color in the fall. Conifers are great—we haven’t raked leaves in ages.

Thumbs Down

Carney Classroom Closure Conundrum: This make a whole lot of sense, BC. Leave classrooms in the expensive, most recently constructed building open and unlocked for students to study until almost midnight, but lock the classroom doors in the one building on campus that we almost forgot still exists and which we are fairly certain no one would notice if it were to mysteriously vanish one night. Yeah, this makes about as much sense as an electric blanket in hell. Good work, BC.

Midterm Schedules: We have no control over this, but the Fates that determine midterm schedules can greatly impact our performance. By a stroke of luck, one can have his or her midterms spread out leisurely throughout the month of October with time to study (or write papers) in between the class and the obligations of day-to-day existence. Or, if the gods have cursed your names and the Roman prelates have cried out anathema against you, then you might find that all of your midterms have been scheduled by those cruel powers-that-be for the same week. It’s okay, though, you don’t need sleep to perform on exams, just a BCC (Blood Caffeine Content) of .18 or higher and a slight jitter in your left hand, right? There’s no chance of falling asleep during an exam … right?

Airline Stocks: Ebola has really caused the market to lose confidence in airline companies. Who wants to fly when there is a killer disease on the loose? (Disclosure: TU/TD does not currently hold any positions in the aforementioned industry.)

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