Winter Is Coming: A Fashion Guide To BC’s Coldest Months

Award season arrived with full force, and with it, the Hollywood couture: Emma Stone’s now iconic black and white Lanvin jumpsuit, Lupita Nyong’o’s flowing purple Giambattista gown. For the lucky few that are loaned Oscar de la Renta and Valentino gowns or Giorgio Armani tuxedos, winter fashion often means donning designer wear at various award shows.

For Boston College students, however, the cold months present the ultimate challenge of bundling up like a bracing Ned Stark without forgoing fashion. With the onslaught of below-freezing temperatures and a fresh new semester, BC students dress up (or down) to don their warmest coats for the first day of school, showcasing some trends in winter style but also some flair for originality.

Parkas and Printed Coats

It’s easy to get lost in a homogenized sea of North Face jackets, circle scarves, and Patagonia fleeces during the winter months, but the cold temperatures don’t mean students have to forsake style for warmth. The lightweight jackets and anoraks of autumn are a thing of the past, being traded in for printed coats and parkas. Winter gives students the room for creativity in their outerwear choices. A vibrant hue, a unique silhouette, or an interesting 90s plaid print offsets the mundane BC uniform of Bean boots and puffy coats.


“I recently got this coat from China and I really wanted to wear it out. My style is what I find comfortable and what looks nice.”

Crystal Zhuang, A&S ’18  (China)

 Fun with Layering

New York Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2014 collections were all about layering, androgynous looks, clean lines, fur, and shearling––this new semester is no different. Whether it’s bundling in a flannel, a cozy cardigan, or throwing on a wool coat, layering helps ward off winter’s icy grip and adds dimension and stylistic flair to the most simplistic of outfits. It’s all about playing with different textures and prints.


“I matched the color of the jacket with the camo sweatshirt and I wore black because it’s raining. A lot of the time, I like to wear stuff that’s different or that not everyone else would wear. Nothing too crazy.”

Cimron Charles, A&S ’16 (Kingstown, Saint Vincent)


“I really like loose fitting and free-moving clothing. I don’t like how constrictive or structured a jacket can often feel. A lot of my clothes are from thrift shops and I try to find clothes with a unique feel and a story behind them.”

Theresa LaColla, CSON ’18 (Philadelphia, Penn.)

 Playing with Colors

Black was and always will be on trend but a pop of color or a vibrant hue draws interest to an otherwise monochromatic look. While the winter months might seem drab with uniform shades of white, grey, and black, coordinating color palettes or color blocking offers a unique take on more traditional winter trends.


“This outfit is for my sorority and the intention is to be as ‘out’ as possible with the color red. I spray painted the boots red myself. I think my fashion sense and style really shows off my personality: it can go from ‘hipster’ in one minute to ‘diva’ in another.”

Samara Foster, A&S ’15 (Brooklyn, N.Y.)



“I really like color palettes or just colors that go together with other colors. That’s how I usually choose what to wear.”  

Tristan Norcutt, CSOM ’18 (Old Bridge, N.J.)

 Take Your Grandpa’s Style

The old adage, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is not lost on several BC students who abandon Vineyard Vines and J. Crew for thrift or consignment shops in order to find their first day of school outfits. British fashion icon Alexa Chung stunned the fashion world with her eclectic mix of high street and vintage wear during the late-2000s and secondhand wear or thrifting has garnered recent mainstream success. It’s all about finding clothing that stands out from the rest and offers a unique take to winter wear.


“I like to match the color of my button-down shirts with my socks. My style is usually very relaxed and business casual and a lot of my clothes are from consignment shops.”

Tebs Maqubela, A&S ’16 (Boston, Mass.)



“I go for a bohemian and comfortable look most of the time, something that I can relax in. My roommates keep telling me to stop wearing these shoes.”

Alissa Rothman, CSOM ’15 (Old Saybrook, Conn.)




“I dress for the occasion. If it’s a nice event, I go to Brooks Brothers but if I’m looking for day wear, my go-to places are thrift stores or consignment shops.”

Cole DeNormandie, A&S ’15 (Lincoln,  Mass.)

Featured Images by Drew Hoo / Heights Editor and Libby Faus / Heights Staff 

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  1. Coming from Florida, winter fashion was non-existent for me. At
    first it was a struggle to find the right sweater to wear or which boots look
    cute with which outfit. Luckily, with a little shopping, I was able to piece
    together a winter wardrobe. I bought the traditional NorthFace jacket, fleece
    lined leggings, knit sweaters and winter shoes: leather boots, suede boots,
    uggs, and duck boots (I’m a shoe person).One thing I’ve noticed is that winter
    colors are very dark – navy, black, brown, etc. I didn’t like how drab a lot of
    these colors looked so I went for some color. The lack of bright colors makes
    everything seem more depressing. To curb my color craving, I found the perfect
    duck boots at DSW that are red, blue, pink and purple. They match my style
    perfectly and are still practical for the winter! I also found a warm pea coat
    that is emerald green and of course, I bought a sweater dress. I do still own
    navy, black and brown sweaters but I like to pair them with a bright colored
    scarf. Scarves are a great fashion accessory because they look cute and keep
    your neck warm. I love adding a bright color to my outfit because it makes me
    feel happier! The style here at BC is very different from the style back home.
    In Florida, we don’t wear sweater dresses or duck boots; most of the time we don’t
    even wear boots. In coming to BC, I’ve found that I love exploring new fashions
    and putting together the perfect winter outfit!

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