If You Could Choose One Professor To Be The President Of The US, Who Would It Be And Why?

In this week’s edition of “Voices From The Dustbowl,” we asked students which professor they would choose to become President of the United States and why:

“Professor Moore… I just feel like he knows everything about everything. A least a little bit of something about everything.” — Ola Zaworksi, A&S ’18


“Professor Di Pasquale… just as Jesus inspired the apostles and other random people he met to follow him, Professor Di Pasquale has inspired me” — Austin Bodetti, A&S ’18


“Professor De Chiara-Quenzer… She has studied every single political philosophy book and she has a law degree, therefore she will know the best way to rule her people. Stability, peace, and hopefully justice if she agrees with Aristotle.” — Megan Nater, A&S ’18


“My literature professor, Thomas Kaplan-Maxfield, because he’s so dang funny!” — Allie Johnson, CSOM ’18


Featured Image by Alex Gaynor, Senior Staff

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