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Casey Neistat’s Video Blog – Casey Neistat is a filmmaker based out of New York City, doing tons of advertising work in the past with Nike, Mercedes Benz, and J. Crew. With everything else going on in his life right now—having a kid, starting a new company, travelling the world—it’s incredible that he has time to shoot and edit his own daily video blog. Each one is its own special vignette, starting with a piece of non-cliche, Casey Neistat advice (personal favorite is Casey’s theory that Monday is the best day of the week and Friday is the worst), and goes through a day as he zips across NYC, where even the more meaningless stuff like meetings are made to seem interesting. Next time you’re looking to kill time in the library, take a 10-minute break to watch his most recent upload, and get back at it with a new bout of energy.

Finals – You got this. After all the work you put in, it’s going to be as easy as lines at Eagles during off-peak times.

The Semester Being Over – We need sleep. And showers where we don’t have to wear shoes. And meals that don’t cost $15 but taste like they cost $5. And to not have to drink coffee to just maintain functionality. We’re burning out, we know it. As the semester draws to a close, we know we will miss the people here, and the teachers, and the campus (when there’s not 20 feet of snow on the ground) but it’s going to be nice returning to more familiar places.

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The Semester Being Over – You’re going to miss everything about college. We know. We are, too. Especially with things getting warmer, the trees in full bloom, and a routine just recently being established because of all of the snow days breaking things up, we don’t feel quite ready to leave Boston College. It’s heartbreaking, because we’re never ready for some of the good things in our life to leave, ever.

Squirrels – Have you seen the squirrels on this campus? Absolute savages. It wouldn’t be too surprising if you saw a squirrel dive headfirst into one of the many outdoor trash cans around here sometime during your four years. They’re also way too comfortable with human presence for their own good, and it’s only a matter of time before they come up and steal that New England Classic right from your mouth.

Last TU/TD Until The Fall – Be safe, be bold, and live a summer that you’ll want to tell stories about 10 years from now. See you in the fall, BC.


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