BC Dining Adds Starbucks, Acai Bowls, Tapas To Dining Halls

Boston College Dining Services announced Monday that there will be several changes to the dining halls this year, including the introduction of Starbucks Coffee to On The Fly in McElroy Commons. The mini-mart will offer the majority of the Starbucks beverage line, including brewed coffee and tea, Frappucinos, and specialty coffee drinks.

“We decided to provide one of the most popular brands of coffee to the BC a community and hope it will be a student favorite,” Director of dining services Beth Emery said in an email. “If Twitter is an indicator, Starbucks should be a hit.”

In addition to Starbucks, BC Dining will introduce acai bowls, smoothies, breakfast wraps, and a hot oatmeal bar for breakfast at Addie’s in Corcoran Commons. Stuart Dining Hall on Newton Campus will offer tapas, and Eagles Nest will have a new station providing hot and cold subs.

Featured Image by Arthur Bailin / Heights Staff

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