Drake’s “Jumpman,” Keith Richards, And David Gilmour In Singles This Week

Drake & Future – “Jumpman”

3.5 stars

Drake did it again. Alongside Future, Drake returns with “Jumpman,” a single off of their new mixtape What A Time To Be Alive. The groundswell caused by his public evisceration of fellow rapper Meek Mill continues, as Drake brings his usual lyricism and trademark delivery. His chemistry with Future feels refreshing, but, while it will entertain, it still leaves the listener yearning for a more finished product.



Keith Richards – “Trouble” 

In the fifth single from his new album Crosseyed Heart, Keith Richards brings back his unquestioned talent and shows that he will not be overshadowed by whatever moves Jagger decides to pull. With its distinct ’60s sound, Richards’ solos and riffs give it a rustic feel reminiscent of the glory days of Route 66.  

David Gilmour – A Boat Lies Waiting 

Made famous by his groundbreaking and industry defining work with Pink Floyd, Gilmour returns with “A Boat Lies Waiting.” With its deeply instrumental core, ever-present grand piano, and Gilmour’s enthralling voice, it serves as a worthy tribute to the late Richard Wright—his close friend and fellow Floyd member. He magically manages to instill both excitement and nostalgia, even after a career spanning six decades. He clearly loves to make music—luckily for him, we still love to listen.

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