BC Skates By New Hampshire In Easy Victory

Kristyn Capizzano took the pass from Alex Carpenter and raced down the floor, winning a one-on-one duel with a University of New Hampshire (0-5-0, 0-3 Hockey East) defender before finally slipping the puck past goalie Vilma Vaattovaara for her second goal of the game in Boston College’s (6-0-0, 2-0 HEA) 6-0 victory.  

“I was in the right spot at the right time” Capizzano said.  

Hardly. That description might have worked for her first goal, when she was the beneficiary of a great pass by Toni Ann Miano, but her second goal was all skill.

“I got a really nice play off the boards by Carp and I kind of just used my speed to cut in and get to the net,” Capizzano said.

In addition to being Capizzano’s second goal of the game, it was also her second goal of the season. As a freshman in 2013, Capizzano scored sixteen goals, but her scoring declined in 2014 she scored only six times. Now a fixture of BC’s second line, along with Dana Trivigno and Haley Skarupa, Capizzano is thriving in the early goings of the season.

Capizzano wasn’t the only one to post a breakout performance, however, as Kenzie Kent also notched her first two goals of the season. Kent scored the first goal of the game and the last goal of the game to the crowd’s astonishment, considering that the sophomore from Norwell had registered only five points all season coming into the game, all of them on assists.

Head coach Katie Crowley understands the importance of having a deep team, and noted that having a strong second line helps take the pressure off of reigning Patty Kazmaier Award winner Alex Carpenter.

“Teams are going to be getting all over Alex and really trying to stop her, and I thought that our other lines really did a good job for us” Crowley said.

Knowing her status as the top player in women’s college hockey, it is not uncommon for opposing teams to employ various strategies to limit Carpenter’s production at the expense of providing scoring opportunities for her teammates. With this in mind, it is important for Carpenter’s teammates to make the most of their increased opportunities, as both Capizzano and Kent did against UNH.  

All four of the Eagles’ lines played well in the game and illustrated how difficult it’s going to be for any team to try to wear them down over the course of the season, particularly if perceived non-scorers like Kent and Capizzano continue to make a difference in the scoring column. Few teams will be able to stand in the way of the Eagles this season if their offensive attack maintains this level of depth and balance.

Crowley, for one, doesn’t seem to think that Capizzano’s scoring flurry was a one-time aberration.

“I was happy that she put a couple in today, because she can” Crowley said regarding Capizzano’s capacity to provide consistent scoring. “I think she’s going to get opportunities to score, and I hope that she continues to capitalize on them.”

It was a team effort, as her teammates scored four other goals besides hers and goalie Katie Burt recorded 26 saves en route to her second-straight shutout.

“[My concern] is playing my role for my line and my team” said Capizzano.

Selfless team play and commitment to assigned roles is essential for the Eagles if they hope to contend for the national championship this year.