“In My Eyes” Has Best Coast Heart And California Charm

3.5 Stars

“In My Eyes,” the fourth track off California Nights, is quintessential Best Coast. Gritty, almost grating, guitar riffs and an upbeat tempo mask the more somber tone of the song that is hidden in the lyrics.

“In My Eyes” tells the story of heartbreak, with front woman Bethany Cosentino crooning, “I treated you badly / We ended so sadly / Wish I didn’t care.” Cosentino’s lyrics are simple, yet perfectly pinpoint the emptiness felt when any significant other leaves you behind.

The music video remains as simple as the song itself. Combining footage from a performance on top of the Capitol Records building and lyrics flickering around Cosentino’s head, it doesn’t make a fuss—this video is about the music, not about a director’s imagined love affair or another representation of Best Coast’s remorseful tale. The only effect that could be considered “extra” is the video’s nearly constant lens-flare, but is it really a Best Coast product without at least one tribute to their days as an aggressively hip, lo-fi band?

It’s fitting that the video was shot on top of the Capitol Records building, since the band came together in Los Angeles and attributes most of its inspiration for California Nights to the city. With a stunning view of the city from the skyscraper’s rooftop deck, we can clearly see why Cosentino and front man Bobb Bruno deemed it the “Best” coast. Not everything is as beautiful as it seems in L.A., however, where a tension between alluring appearances and harsh reality inspired Cosentino to play with these conflicting themes on California Nights. “In My Eyes” is a perfect example, with its misleading score and heart wrenching lyrics.

Featured Image By of  Harvest Records