Carney’s Art Gallery Should Be Utilized For Events

Starting next week, a newly renovated gallery that will display both student and faculty art will open in Carney. The gallery will accompany campus art that has been displaced by the Bapst Art Gallery closing, and will be open to students, faculty and staff to enjoy.

The main problem with the art gallery existing in Carney is that the building does not receive similar foot traffic that recent art showings in Devlin and O’Neill have had. Carney is out of the way, and the room is not always open to student access, which means that students cannot serendipitously decide to go view art in the middle of the day with a guaranteed open door.

The renovated space contains plenty of opportunities for other art events, though. While it might not be the best area for an open gallery during the day, the area has enough space and lighting to accompany different, scheduled events at night. While Carney might not be standing much longer, this is the perfect opportunity for Boston College to use the space to its full capacity, supporting a program that deserves attention from the BC community.

Featured Image by Kristin Saleski / Heights Staff

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