We Went To BC Basketball’s Scrimmage And Things Happened

“They playin’ basketball, we love dat basketball. They playin’ basketball, we love dat basketball.”

– Fundisha, Like Mike

As Aaron Carter once said, “I put it in the hoop, like slam (slam).”

That quote was about basketball.

Ah, basketball—now there’s a hip, happenin‘ sport.

Crazy things can happen when 10 people converge in between two large baskets with twine dangling from their orifices. For example, one time, a preteen pop star gave the business to Shaquille O’Neal—arguably the most dominant center of all time—in a game of one-on-one.

While Jack had to take this game seriously, Sully and Tom were in the stands, doing the not that. But you best believe we took some notes.

1)Listen. We love Meek Mill*, and we understand that every season is #MeekSeason. It goes unquestioned that Meek gets the blood pumping better than almost every artist out there. But BC playing “Ima Boss (feat. Rick Ross)” in the background of the National Anthem seemed a bit un-American. The student singer looked rattled, but charged through and finished strong after BC turned Meek off.
* Editor’s note: Meek Mill is dead**.
** Asst. Editor’s note: No he’s not, just playing the long game***.
*** Assoc. Editor’s note: I listen to Indie music.

2)The Eagles debuted slightly altered jerseys—the white home uniforms featured gold accents on the collar, red belt-like stripes around the waistband, and a heavy use of red at the base of the shorts. It was like what happens when you give a pig a facelift—it didn’t really make it worse, but, like, what’s the point?

3) BC has a new court design, and that’s about it. If you notice the difference, send along a tweet to @HeightsSports.

4) Sully swears he saw a John Cain Carney jersey somewhere in the stands. Cannot confirm nor deny, but really hoping someone actually made that purchase.

5)The players from Bentley might be small and unathletic, but my goodness—those boys know how to play the game of basketball. They took so many charges that you couldn’t help but clap. Always made the extra pass for the open shot. Head coach Jay Lawson is teaching all the little things, and you just love to see it.

6) Garland Owens’ first shot attempt was a missed reverse dunk. Respect the hustle.

7)Quite possibly the cutest baby of all time—even cute enough to rival the Virginia Tech baby—was seated towards the back of Section A with her mother (presumably). She crawled around, made faces, and used a phone that was much too big for her tiny fingers. While there is no photographic evidence this time around, take our word for it.

8) BC great and current Washington Wizard Jared Dudley made an appearance with television analyst Glenn Consor, which seems like a waste of a guest appearance (unless he came on his own accord, in which case, why would he subject himself to that?) Dudley got to watch most of the game uninterrupted, save for the occasional small-talk conversation and subsequent selfie.

9) When Steve Perpiglia made a mad dash toward the scorer’s table midway through the first half, all 14 fans in attendance slid to the edge of their seats in anticipation. Turns out either Perpiglia went rogue in trying to check himself into the game or head coach Jim Christian changed his mind real quick, because Perpiglia headed back to the bench (where he would stay until the last 30 seconds of the game).

10) There was a moment in the beginning of the second half where a timeout was called on the floor. Perpiglia was the first off the bench to give everyone in the game a high-five, but when he tried to return to the team huddle, the bigs formed a perimeter that the 5-foot-9 guard just couldn’t penetrate. Your heart broke for him as he tried helplessly to get inside the huddle. Poor little bugger.

11) It took a while for BC to hit its first bucket, which really must have taken its toll on public address announcer Andy Jick. We imagine he cries himself to sleep each night, quietly whispering “THREEEE points, Oooooooooolivierrr HAN-lannn…” until morning arrives.

12) Freshman Matt Milon is a lefty, so that’s something. Also, he was in Power Gym at 10:30 on Monday night putting up some extra shots, which is exactly what you want to see from a gym rat. I’m sure his basketball IQ is off the charts, as well.

13) After Eli Carter hit a particularly impressive 3-pointer, BC football’s John Johnson and Steven Daniels literally screeched, got up from their seats, and sat down in another section in disbelief. They did not return to their group of friends for a solid four minutes. Another Carter trey sent Baldwin into a frenzy in the stands, capped off by the classic “soup/cereal eating” celebration popularized by the bench mob for the University of Kansas.

14)Dennis Clifford missed one of his free throws early in the game, presumably because of the raucous noise level made by the four Bentley students in the front row. It was real hostile on that one side of the court, so the miss was completely understandable.

15) Gordon Gehan was the postgame recipient of the Steve Perpiglia Memorial Award For Not Appearing At Any Point In The Game At All Ever.

16)On a serious and almost alarming note, BC almost lost this game to Bentley. Bentley!

Featured Image by Daniella Fasciano / Heights Editor

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