Top 10 Tweets: Reacting To The Norovirus Outbreak

It has been a long week of disease riddling the area around Boston College. If taking on the combo of flu and finals season wasn’t bad enough, we’ve had to deal with sweeping rumors of E. coli, hearing about our weak-immune-system friends who got taken to the hospital for the norovirus, and messages from our parents telling us to wash our hands 10,000 times a day.

And now, we can’t even get a study-break burrito at Chipotle.

Amid all this, at least we can admire some of the reactions that have come out on Twitter in the past few days. Grab a quesadilla from El Pelon or Boloco and take a look at our top 10.



This guy is not having any of it.




Sure, give it a try. (Let us know if it works.) But we’re afraid we might just get docked points for taking it late.



This is true, it’s always huge to avoid dinner-time lines. But Chipotle is also still closed, so this plan might not work out.



The moral issue of playing this game even while knowing that two-thirds of BC’s team was half-dead a couple days before, this might not have been a terrible strategy. The Athletics Department wouldn’t have been able to top their awesome ‘Beat Providence’ T-shirt promotions from last year to help the Eagles win an away game, so …. (Providence’s Kris Dunn did leave the game due to illness, BC still lost. Oh well.)




We always appreciated the vast selections of choices Chipotle provided. It’s good they continue to provide multiple options even for what illness you’ll suffer from.



Had the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden grown burritos instead of fruit, God might have cut Eve some more slack.




This kid pretty much speaks for all of us.



Our satirical counterpart nailed this one. You need some background to really get it, but trust us, it’s funny.




So simple, so obvious. But why can’t we just get our free guac? If you’re looking to make it up to us, Chipotle, that’s all you have to give us.


And #1:

We’re not trying to just toot our own horn here, but even after diving into the depths of Twitter, this is still one of the earliest and cleverest ones we’ve come across. Let us know if you can do any better.

Featured Image by Steven Senne / AP Photo