Boston College Bands Build the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Playlist

Attention all Eagles in (or out of) love:

Much like you can never successfully dodge those Appalachia kids in dining halls at dinnertime, you just can’t hide from the 14th of February. For some, this head honcho of Hallmark holidays represents everything that’s right in the world—love (duh), chocolate, relationships, chocolate, sweet sentiments, more chocolate. For others, Valentine’s day kinda stinks—like a wise group of eloquent philosophers once said, “Roses really smell like poo-o-o, yeah. Roses really smell like poo.” On second thought, maybe that was Outkast.

Because Valentine’s Day is officially upon us, The Heights decided to do a little something to show our readers how much we really care. We are introducing the_heights, our official Spotify account. To celebrate our song-streaming savviness and general Millenial know-how (and Valentine’s day, too), we reached out to some of our favorite BC bands and solo artists on campus in search of some of the best love songs of all time. The result is a super-cool compilation created by the likes of Juice, William Bolton, The Heightsmen, the wonderful Wynnm Murphy, and oh-so-many more. Ranging from old-school throwbacks to contemporary tunes of today, this playlist is the greatest Valentine’s Day gift you never knew you needed. Think of it as a labor of love. You can thank us later.

Just like how the weird stalker kid from elementary school slaved away for hours over a glitter-coated construction paper heart with your name on it, we’ve put a whole lot of love into creating this personalized playlist.

So cuddle up with your lil cupcake (a significant other or the tasty, calorie-loaded treat) and enjoy the songs that get some campus music groups feeling some type of way.



The guys of Juice sent us an extensive list of great love songs. These are the ones that make you feel good—upbeat tracks that you want to play over and over again, just ‘cuz. If we were to pick two we liked most—which would be difficult because these dudes know good tunes when they hear it—the lucky winners would probably be “Mon Amour” by Ben L’Oncle Soul and the poppy “Back Pocket” by Vulfpeck.

The one suggestion of theirs that really took the cake was “Bound 2,” because what would Valentine’s Day be without the sweet sound of Yeezy? This is a good song. This that prom shiz. This that what we do, don’t tell your mom shiz. Simply put, this song is a classic. And nothing says “I love you” like Kanye’s romantic reassurance that “One good girl’s worth a thousand [female dogs].”



Each one of Small Talk’s Suggestions were songs just as cool as Small Talk themselves. And if you’re wondering how cool that is, jut imagine some really, really cool tunes. We’re talking a very impressive level of cool. From Animal Collective’s “Bluish” to “You Belong To Me” by the Duprees, this list made for a great addition to our ultimate Valentine’s Day playlist.



Wynnm added a few songs that really have the power to make you smile. It feels like running through a flowery meadow, learning how to domesticate a unicorn and then getting to ride it wherever you damn well please, or having a whole bag of Sour Patch watermelons to yourself when you’re listening to them. They’re just beautiful.


If there’s one guy out there that lovesick young men should take music advice from (especially if they’re smitten with that sweetheart from Psychology), it’s Willy B. Try to find one of his songs that doesn’t have the word “Baby” in it, or isn’t about being with that special someone. See? You can’t. That being said, it’s no surprise that most of the songs are throwback soul music hits from well before we 20-somethings were born. The songs are Valentine’s Day the William Bolton way, and none of us are complaining.




Imagine the set list at a Heightsmen a cappella show. Got it? Good. Now, copy-and-paste this series of songs into a Spotify playlist, and you’ve pretty much got the suggestions we received from the all-male a cappella crew. Their songs are popular favorites that everyone and their mother can sing along to—Ed Sheeran, Alicia Keyes, and The Temptations all tossed together into one glorious list of love songs. The only way these could get better is if Spotify had the smooth, dreamy sounds of the Heightsmen covers available to stream instead of the overplayed originals. Sigh.



Funky Giant dipped into the old days with “Dream A Little Dream of Me” and Ezperenza Spalding’s “suuuper groovey love song” (Funky Giant’s words, not ours) called “I know you know.” The band’s suggestions got two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Here’s the full list of songs we collected. Enjoy!

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Okay, so we Arts Editors couldn’t resist making our own.




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