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Marching On – Optimism is a powerful thing. Outlook is everything. The phrase “Yes we can” is overused, but it is especially relevant. The rivers of pink hats that flowed through the streets of major cities around the world last Saturday ushered in a new climate. I wouldn’t label it a resistance. Sure, one could view these massive demonstrations as movements against the actions and rhetoric of Cheeto Supreme, but, to me, they feel more like a redirection. A person could say that women were equal in America prior to his election, but then they would be absolutely wrong and probably a sad 33-year-old man in a basement somewhere answering a poll on Breitbart.com. On Saturday, every person who gave their time knows this. Prior to the ascension of the ironic Lorax incarnated, the country was not on a path to equality. But now, the tracks are shifting. This movement is not a knee-jerk response to the coronation of a demagogue, but rather the rightful seizing of an opportune moment to promote change that is long overdue. For those who might’ve said they cared about women’s rights before, but evidently care enough now to actually make their voices heard, are marching among people who have been marching their entire lives. And march on they will.

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“Alternative Facts” – I must admit I am a little bamboozled. In an almost comical fashion, a top adviser to the President recently claimed that spreading lies to the public is okay if they come in the form of “alternative facts,” a poorly worded disguise for the more suitable and historically acceptable term “lie.” In an era of fake news and misinformation, what does one make of a person in high office blatantly stating that the White House will promulgate factoids that are just plainly not true? The irony of Donald Trump accusing publications like The New York Times of misreporting information and then his surrogates, and at times himself, literally mouth-dumping lies to the public on national television and in the White House Press Room is almost too much to bear. To try and fathom the unbelievable hypocrisy, one must put on Trump’s average sized shoes. If you were President, and were planning on doing a number of terrible things to the American people, the economy, the state of global politics, the environment, and Alec Baldwin, wouldn’t you lie about it too? You wouldn’t want people to think you were, you know, completely sinister and without good-intentions. No, that would make your job too hard, and if you were to fail, big business would come for your toupée head faster than your approval ratings are plummeting.

“We Can Disagree With Facts” – These words needed to go in print. Facts are not partisan. Facts are not up for debate. Facts are not subjective. Facts are not conjured up and made real by the stature of a person’s office. Facts are facts, and it needs to stay that way. Otherwise, we all might be in for a rough ride.

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