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Being Unique – Conformity is a rampant issue in contemporary education. Moreover, there is a generational divide between professors and their students that plagues college campuses across the country. Older professors often fail to connect with the modern aspects of their students’ lives, often creating a stark division between what students learn in the classroom and what they experience in the real world. Even lessons from the promiscuous society of ancient Greece often fail to relate to the complex scene of hookup culture that every college student is exposed to, whether they like it or not. There is one professor at Boston College, however, that has made an effort to traverse the canyon. Putting a new lens on the Jesuit perspective, the man known as TKM by his admirers has not shied away from embracing and wholeheartedly analyzing the potential benefits of the hookup culture that too many educators are quick to condemn. By branching out of the archaic and accepted norms of the past, TKM has exemplified how higher education must advance to keep up with society’s rapid pace, and unwavering open-mindedness that other professors should seek to emulate in their classrooms.

Taking Control – Sometimes, our hands lose their grip on the wheel. We sit back, and we let someone else take charge. We subjugate ourselves to the passenger seat, trusting that the person to our left will bring us to where we want to be. We let them dictate our lives’ twists and turns, to play their music on the stereo. We rely on someone else so much that we forget how to drive. Not anymore.

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Feeling Like a Zoo Animal – The freshman sat in Bapst, one of the last strongholds of peace and focus on campus. A frequent visitor, the nook that he occupied between the two bookshelves felt like home. His peace was soon disturbed, however, by the arrival of a tour group of prospective students and their parents. Suddenly, a cage fit for a tiger dropped from the ceiling, and the freshman found himself stuck behind metal bars. Astounded, his head began to spin as Acacia trees and dry, long savannah grass sprouted from the green carpeted floor. He arose quickly and grasped the bars tightly, peering out at the visitors who strolled by as if nothing had happened. He watched in awe as cages descended upon all of the students who had innocently chosen to come to the library to study. The visitors gazed, pointed, shouted, and photographed the caged students, and when they were through they exited from where they came. The cages rose quickly back into the ceiling, and the students, traumatized, fled the library in a frenzied hurry, leaving the tables open for the next crowd of unassuming students to fall into the University’s publicity trap.

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