Adam Levine’s “Hard” Life, Focus of Maroon 5’s “Cold” Music Video

Have you ever yearned to experience a drug trip with Adam Levine? Probably not, but after watching Maroon 5’s newest music video for “Cold,” you will understand just why such a venture is bucket-list worthy.

Released as a single for its upcoming sixth album, Maroon 5 dropped “Cold” on Feb. 14. The song features the talents of the band, spearheaded by lead vocalist Levine, as well as rapper Future. Its music video hit Vevo the following day, garnering millions of views within days.

While the hit itself captures the growing distance between two once enamoured individuals, the music video diverges from exploring this message and instead offers a glimpse into a caricatured version of Levine’s life.

The video opens with a bleach haired and leather clad Levine driving through Los Angeles traffic and communicating via speaker call with his inner circle. On one hand, he has Future requesting his presence at a party so that Levine can hear his lines for this very song, and on the other, he has his supermodel wife Behati beckoning him to pick up a carton of milk on his way home. You know, just the daily dilemmas of Mr. Maroon 5.

Being the perfect mix of rockstar and loving husband, Levine commits himself to both tasks. He arrives at the swankified estate of Future, replete with scores of stylized party guests and a bartender with an apparent agenda. While Levine surveys the party, the mixologist dashes a suspiciously vibrant liquid into his drink.

A collision of neon colors and eccentric animal heads electrifies the equally exhilarating lyrics and tempo of the tune, and the line between reality and delusion blurs artfully to create a twisted realm together that both Levine and the viewer experience. The trip continues as Future attempts to converse with Levine before concluding that he is incurable for the night.

The mini film closes as a sober Levine explains to his semi-slumbering wife his night. His ability to rattle off the events of his adventure with comedic apt exemplifies that Levine is no stranger to artistic mediums outside of music, and his overall qualities of charm and candidness maneuver his entire performance.

Provocative, at times humorous, and undeniably stimulating to the senses, “Cold” provides all that a music video should aim to offer, with an authentically intimate co-star to boot.

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