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Thumbs Up

The Invaluable – Boston College is a buzzing university. Thousands of students flow through its campus each day, moving between various dining, classroom, lecture, and residence halls. Between homework, club meetings, service trips, workouts at the plex, and finding time to sleep, students are undeniably busy, and often so wrapped up in their own lives that they fail to acknowledge the people around them that make their everyday experience possible. The dining and custodial staff at BC are some of the most hardworking and considerate people I have encountered during my travels and time spent in different institutions. They are dedicated to making sure the University can serve the needs of its many students, faculty, and visitors day in and day out, and often receive little credit for their integral contribution to campus. The next time you’re checking out to pay for your lunch, or throwing away your Tuscan Chicken container in Eagle’s Nest, remember to say thank you to the staff that work to make your college experience comfortable.

One More Week – Spring Break is creeping up on BC like a lion on the prowl, ready to pounce and feast upon the motivation, bank accounts, and morality of the student body. Whether they are embarking on service trips to various destinations across the country, or hopping on a plane to Punta Cana, students will soon be released from their academic mindsets, and a much needed break will be had.

Thumbs Down

Screw the First – King Cheeto is at it again. He’s taken a perspective on the media that is unprecedented in the history of the American presidency. He has consistently criticized and attempted to discredit some of the country’s most reputable institutions such as The New York Times, CNN, and NBC, in an attempt to convince the American public that the organizations they have trusted to report the news for years have suddenly become corrupt, conspiratorial, and “fake.” The toupée-dawning wannabe autocrat that currently runs our country has proven that he is too immature to handle critical and honest reporting. Or, perhaps he is just so naïve and easily persuaded that he actually believes the deceit that his henchmen, primarily Steve Bannon, chirp in his ear on a daily basis. His decision to not attend the White House Correspondents Dinner will only further burn the well-established bridges between his office and the media. The barring of multiple major news organizations from attending a White House press briefing is an egregious and pointless assault on one of the most important components of American democracy. Regardless of what the spray tan emperor wants, however, the Fourth Estate isn’t going anywhere, and the truth will inevitably prevail.

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