Pitbull’s ‘Options’ Is A Barely Salvageable Testament to Unwanted Pursuits

A massive titular contradiction, Pitbull’s latest music video “Options” reveals that he is clearly out of them—he now combines pop, reggae, rap, and his Pitbull renown to generate a bizarre visual and auditory experience that is both uncomfortable and enjoyable.

March 17 marks both the release of the “Options” music video as well as the release of Pitbull’s latest album entitled Climate Change. The song “Options” was released as the third single for the album on Feb. 17, featuring the reggae artist Stephen Marley.

The music video opens in a small Jamaican town, offering a colorful landscape that matches the uplifting sound of intermixed acoustic guitar and snapping. Pitbull and Stephen Marley have playful banter over a table game, saying “We’re making history tonight,” a classic random Pitbull statement that almost never relates to the topical manners at hand. A woman in ridiculously high heels and shorts walks by them and into a shop, the cue for Pitbull’s unwarranted and unwanted pursuit.

The rest of the video switches back and forth from antiquated shots of Pitbull and Stephen Marley in the studio and Pitbull seducing any and every ill-clad woman that strolls by him. An eventual trip through the town on a moped with one of these women solidifies that this music video is really that archetypical.

The nearly cringeworthy mini film concludes in a dimly lit nightclub where Pitbull is again surrounded by beautiful, smiling women.

The only aspects that barely salvage this video are the capturing of Jamaican street life, including kids gleefully playing soccer, and the infectiously chill vibration of the song. Such components bring a sense of bright youthfulness to a Pitbull song, a conceivably difficult task. Other than its few redeeming qualities, “Options” joins a long line of music videos that remind us why Pitbull exists as a running joke in pop culture.

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