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Opportunity Upon Return – We’re back. The Heights has come alive again after thousands of excited and ambitious students returned to campus throughout this past week. Ahead of these students lies a school year full of new experiences, challenges, surprises, victories, and failures. It’s these trials and tribulations that shape us into who we are. College just makes this process all the more emphatic. Nonetheless, in anticipation of the return to classes, homework, club obligations, athletic practices, searching for internships and jobs, and working up the nerve to talk to the pretty girl in your Micro discussion section, it’s easy to feel anxious about the coming semester. But dreading obstacles and hardships to come in this way can deprive oneself of an opportunity not many in this world are fortunate enough to have: to grow at a place like Boston College. When I say grow, I don’t mean in height (although that would be nice, too), but in many other ways. Of course we go to school to grow in our knowledge, but college is about more than that. We’re here to grow our understanding of the world. We’re here to grow in empathy for others, to learn that the plights and desires that we all share connect us in more ways than they divide. We’re here to grow in our awareness of ourselves and our identity. This year, view the challenges ahead not as blocks in the road, but as new paths to venture down, albeit a bit rockier than might be comfortable. You reap what you sow, and if you stop and reflect every once and while amid the rush, you might just realize you’ve been planting seeds all along.

The Mouse – If you’ve been as perturbed as I have by the obnoxiously long lines in Lower, Eagle’s, and even Mac, you’ve probably ventured over to what I consider an underappreciated enclave, The Rat. And, like me, unless you were here all summer, you probably had no idea that BC decided to renovate its interior, giving it a splash of modernity and a bleached glow taken straight from the afterlife. But if you ask me, part of what made the name “The Rat” so fitting was its dreary and rather antiquated interior. It brought to mind the colors gray and black, a proper habitat for rats. Now, with it’s bright and almost hospital-like whitewashed interior, I think a more proper name is “The Mouse.” It probably won’t catch on, but that’s just how I feel.

Thumbs Down

Are You a Freshman? – The student wanders around the academic quad, looking confused. He knows which building Gasson is because he’s seen a million pictures of it by now, but his searching eyes cannot identify Devlin Hall, and he’s going to be late to his first college class. He buzzes around like a bee in his bright yellow Superfan shirt as he frantically walks the quad again and again. Suddenly, while quickly heading in one direction, he pulls a 180 upon checking the map in his Welcome Week app. He has located Devlin, and heads inside quickly. But it’s 9:09 a.m. This freshman, alas, has pulled a freshman.

Featured Image by Zoe Fanning / Heights Editor

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