Live Coverage: Silence is Still Violence

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Had such a fun time at @popshowdown10 last week for a BC v BU edition of the show. Cool to see how much is going on with TV production at BU and how @MeghanVolcy is simply killing it as executive producer🔥

My mom: have you guys seen that meme that’s been floating around
Us: can you be a little more specific

Thousands of students, faculty, and administrators marched at today’s #SilenceisStillViolenceMarch

Thousands of students, faculty, and admin attended today's @ugbc sponsored "Silence is Still Violence" rally.

Full story is here, will be updated throughout. More pictures to come shortly.

Crowd chants “Where’s Leahy?” and Achampong says “Quite a question.”

The front of the march was silent as students walked down Comm. Ave. #SilenceisStillViolenceMarch

Many took a knee as Dean of Students Thomas Mogan spoke. “We want you to know that we are here for you not just today, but always,” he said.

Akosua Achampong, president of UGBC, asked students who appreciate black culture to stand up for black lives. #SilenceisStillViolenceMarch

“For the next four years, I’m going to keep fighting until I can call this place home.” -a freshman student of color

“Dont make this a moment. This is a movement.” -a professor of African studies at BC

Two signs from the white supremacist magazine 'American Renaissance' were found hanging between Stokes and Carney.

“I'm pleased at how many students and faculty and staff have shown up and are contributing to this,” Barb Jones, VP of BC Student Affairs

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