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Care Packages – It’s easy to forget about home when you’re away at school, and caught up in work, going out, and trying to figure out what exactly you plan to do with your life. Little reminders of family and friends back home, from pictures in our dorm rooms to texts from Mom and Dad between classes, help to remind us what really matters. Sometimes, big reminders can help remind us as well, such as Halloween care packages—full of candy, baked goods, and holiday cards depicting dogs dressed in costumes. Care packages are a reminder that even if we become too busy to think about our families back home, they are still keeping us in their minds. They’re a comforting indication that even when we are away at school, dealing with the trials and tribulations that we will, we have people at home who love and care about us regardless. When youthful imperceptions make it seem as if you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders at college, reminders such as these are an eye-opening remedy.

Approaching Turkey Time – November is almost here. A time of far less midterms and far better morale has just about arrived. Time for family, football, and turkey will soon be upon us, and we will all be able to enjoy a much-needed respite after a long month of seemingly endless work and obligations. Just imagine the stuffing and gravy as you make this final push. It will all be worth it in the end.

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Halloween If You’re Not a Kid – This is definitely an unpopular opinion. But then again, most of my opinions are. When I was younger, I loved Halloween. It was an occasion to express my creativity and dress up as my favorite super heroes, cartoon characters, etc. As I’ve gotten older, however, I’ve developed a strong disdain for Halloween and the way it’s celebrated among my peers. Halloween in college has become an excuse for the regularly scheduled debauchery to grow almost exponentially, as everyone seems to take more license than usual in their antics and drinking when going out. Some sport clever costumes, but many simply seem to compete as to who can wear the least amount of fabric. Others put in minimal effort, wearing a jersey that one would wear on any other given day and labeling themselves a “basketball player,” so that their “costume” can punch their ticket to a party with others who use the holiday as an excuse for craziness. Perhaps I’ve just developed an apathy for the shallow social scene of college in general, but Halloween seems to make it all just a little less unbearable.

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