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Noise Isolation – I can’t remember if I’ve ever used noise-isolating technology before. But this weekend, I stumbled across a cheap pair of noise-isolating earphones at one of those overpriced shops in an airport terminal, and am I sure glad that I did. I, like any other rational and sane person in this world, am not a fan of the droning sound that an airplane makes as it flies through the sky. It’s bad enough that I have to sit cramped in a tiny and stiff seat for multiple hours, let alone subject my ears to such a headache-inducing auditory environment. My new earphones, however, worked like magic, blocking out this horrid noise and saving my brain the pain. If you’re able, I highly suggest investing in a pair of noise cancelling earphones or headphones. They can work wonders.

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Chapped Lips – Wintertime is fast approaching, and along with a drop in temperature, the change in seasons has brought with it an unfortunate phenomenon: chapped lips. Cold air and wind combine to deprive our lips of moisture, creating an uncomfortable feeling that can only be remedied by the ingenious invention of chapstick. Such medical sticks, however, are lost very easily, and tough to fidget with when you’re gloveless and outside in the snow. There’s no snow on the ground yet, but rest assured, someone somewhere will lose their chapstick in a pile of powder after attempting to remedy their sandpaper lips. They’ll watch it slip out of their frostbitten fingers, falling into a white oblivion, never to be found again. They’ll walk home defeated, their lips as dry as the reservoir of their spirit in the frigid air.

Headaches on Airplanes – Back to airplanes. Ever had a headache on a flight before? It’s entirely unbearable. Oh, my head is hurting, let me just hurl myself through the air at hundreds of miles per hour and subject myself to dips and drops in air pressure. Right? Seems like a great idea, said no one ever. Alas, sometimes, life puts you in a pickle, and you’re forced to scan your boarding pass and head down the ramp to the door of the plane, head throbbing like a bass drum, stomach aching to boot. You take your seat and you can feel the blood pulsing through your temples, the agony only just beginning. You’re in for a long ride. You just better hope there’s Advil on the other side.

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