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Addie’s Ice Cream – One of the most underrated features of Boston College dining, Addie’s ice cream genuinely deserves much more respect from students than it currently receives. Why would you even go out for ice cream when you can just use your dining hall money to pay for ice cream that tastes just as good? Don’t get me wrong, I love White Mountain just as much as the next person, but sometimes I don’t really feel like risking my life jaywalking across Comm. Ave. even though the crosswalk is approximately two feet away just to spend six dollars of my own real money on one scoop of ice cream. Although there is very little variety among the flavors in Addie’s freezer—it’s usually just chocolate, vanilla, some frozen yogurt (fake), and a special flavor—the ice cream is always reliable, but if you do want a bit of variety, they change it up every week with a new special! Plus, you can add chocolate or caramel sauce if you really want to spice up your life. The best thing about Addie’s ice cream, though, is that you can use your dining hall money. Do you have thousands of extra dollars remaining on your Eagle ID because of the unreasonable mandatory meal plan? Spend the rest of your money on ice cream at Addie’s. Don’t have any money left? Find a friend who has an absurd amount and guilt them into buying you ice cream while you slowly starve as you ration your remaining money until the end of the year so you don’t have to log onto Agora Portal to add a few extra bucks to survive.

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The Absurd Amount of Marathon Monday T-Shirts – One (my dad) might say that I shop too much. I’m not saying he’s wrong, but sometimes I really just can’t help it. But now, whenever I check Facebook hoping only to find a video of some adorable animals or hilarious toddlers or delicious food, I have approximately 7,000 notifications that people have posted in the class Facebook groups. Then, for some unknown reason, I decide to check the pages and consistently find myself extremely annoyed at the countless posts advertising t-shirts for Marathon Monday (which is just one day a year—I understand that people wear these t-shirts afterwards, but it still seems kind of unreasonable to make so many different shirts every year for an event that’s actually less than six hours long). Not only am I annoyed at the absurd amount of t-shirts that people have made, but I’m annoyed at myself for wanting to buy more than one of them. I know a reasonable solution for me here would be to stop checking the class pages, but why should I change when it would be better for me if everyone else changed? I understand that most if not all of the groups selling t-shirts are raising money for charity, and I respect that. But really the biggest issue here is that there are just too many options, and I don’t have the funds to buy more than one t-shirt, so please stop making so many t-shirts.

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