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Thumbs Up

Peet’s Coffee – Underrated. It’s a chain, sure, but not as widespread as Starbucks: It only has locations in eight states (and D.C.). Plus, it makes really good coffee. Not that I’m an expert in any way—I know that Chocolate Bar > Rat coffee > normal dining hall coffee—but the baristas at Peet’s in Newton Center have a God-given talent. Plus—I’m going to preface this statement by saying that a lot of the playlists I follow on Spotify are titled something about coffee shops, so read it with an extra grain of salt compared to when you usually read these—they play really good music. Good coffee, good music—what more could you need?

Spotify and Hulu, together –  Speaking of Spotify, it’s partnered with Hulu for a glorious opportunity for the world. Student accounts already are discounted—$4.99 instead of $9.99—which is wonderful, but now, it’s giving us poor, financially challenged humans an amazing opportunity procrastinate even more by adding Hulu to this subscription for the same price! Good luck trying to get anything done now, but, hey, save money, live better, right?

Thumbs Down

The Soup Options at the Rat – It always has three-bean chili and chicken noodle soup, alternates between corn chowder and clam chowder, and rotates the other one or two soups. The rotatings soups, though, don’t offer much variety. It tends to filter through the same few soups: beef & barley, Thai red curry chicken, tomato basil, tomato feta (wow, such variety!), vegan chipotle sweet potato. Don’t get me wrong, I like these soups—most of them, at least (don’t get me started on the importance of texture in soup: soup is supposed to have things in a broth for me to chew, please don’t serve me a soup that I can drink with a straw). I don’t think I could justifiably complain about this very important issue in the community if BC Dining Services didn’t have so many other soups that they serve at the other dining halls. There’s chicken tortilla, quinoa and sweet potato chili, turkey gumbo, chicken and dumpling, among so many others. All I want is to escape the uniformity of soup options at BC’s most beloved lunch spot.

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