‘The Devil Wears Fedora’ Allows Interaction With Diverse Characters

The Devil Wears Fedora

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As members of a Jesuit institution, we’re all aware of heaven, hell, Satan, the Seven Deadly Sins, and Beelzebub. But have you ever wondered what they’re like in conversation?  The Committee of Creative Enactments illuminated just this kind of information last Friday Night in O’Connell House, where the spacious gothic manor provided the perfect environment for a rib-tickling show titled The Devil Wears Fedora. In this Boston College iteration of the classic Clue board game, our archetypal vices interact with real-life counterparts who are rather lazy in their evil misdeeds. The raunchy humor and stunning characterization made for an engaging, fleshed out “whodunit” narrative in just a little over 60 minutes. Satan especially shined as a vain and aggravating boss in constant conflict with her assistant, Lilith, as the three Fates—a convention of Greek mythology—provided smooth transitions between scenes and location switch-ups, condemning to hell such diverse characters as Tom Brady and Elmo. For original goofs and snappy writing, CCE’s performances are not ones to miss.

Featured Image by Committee of Creative Enactments

Correction: This article originally stated that CCE’s production was called ‘Murder Mystery.’ The production was in fact titled ‘The Devil Wears Fedora.’

Correction: This article originally stated that Lilith was Satan’s accountant. In fact, Lilith was Satan’s assistant.