Little Saturday Shines as Popular Styles Ensemble at Arts Fest

Popular Styles Ensemble

Little Saturday, the Boston College band that has made a name for itself by performing all over campus and in Boston, played this Thursday afternoon in Arts Fest’s O’Neill Plaza tent as the “Popular Styles Ensemble”—the name of the zero-credit BC course through which the band originally formed. The band consists of members from all four class years: Zachary Pugliares, MCAS ’19; Alexander Eichler, MCAS ’20; Peter Toronto, MCAS ’20; Isaiah Rawlinson, MCAS ’18; Andrew Hammond, MCAS ’18; and Zachary Moelchert, CSOM ’21.

The group, whose style—as Eichler has described it—is a mix of “rock, pop, funk, jazz, and fusion,” opened with a couple of instrumental pieces that showcased the members’ incredible musical talents with a lively mix of drums, saxophone, bass, keyboard, and electric guitar. Following these instrumentals was “Running,” one of the two singles released by the band so far, which the group performed with an building intensity until a perfectly synchronized dramatic pause—before kicking in to a final chorus of “I feel it running, running down my sleeve / The breath I take keeps me warm.”

Following “Running” was another original instrumental: “Lemonade.” While showcasing Rawlinson’s smooth and jazzy saxophone melodies on top of repetitive bass riffs, “Lemonade” demonstrated the band members’ incredible ability to mesh their individual instrumental parts together into one cohesive, professional-sounding piece.

For its final song, Little Saturday announced—to the delight of the audience—that it would be doing a Beyoncé cover. The band’s cover of “Crazy in Love,” which it initially debuted at the Music Guild’s Winter Showcase back in February, started out soft with a sweet vocal performance by Toronto—who not only sang, but performed incredible guitar work for the song as well—and eventually built into an energized, rock-and-roll-style take on the 2003 hit. Audience members couldn’t resist bouncing their heads and tapping their feet to the the band’s unique take on the pop classic, and students passing by the tent on the way to class couldn’t help but walk to the beat.

Overall, the set gave the talented band another chance to showcase its unique style to a BC audience—all while clearly having a lot of fun with the performance.

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