Flute and Cello Ensembles Garner Approval with Hit Songs

Flute and Cello Ensemble

The Chamber Music Society sponsors both the Cello Ensemble and Flute Ensemble. The various ensembles are able to collaborate and learn from Boston College faculty members as well as perform at different events throughout the year.

At their collab performance at Arts Fest, the Cello Ensemble opted to play some modern hits which were easily recognizable to the audience. The ensemble started out with Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” and then transitioned into “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars. The cello-based interpretation of “Uptown Funk”’s upbeat bass line and catchy chorus was intriguing, and many audience members were enjoying the unexpected selection of pop music and were singing and clapping along.

The Flute Ensemble performed in front of a vibrant and colorful illustration of different flutes and musical notes. The group played a variety of whimsical, airy pieces but the final song was the most impressive.

To close the set, the ensemble played Gareth McLearnon’s “Single Yellow Line,” which was unexpected in various aspects. It was not as light and peaceful as the other songs. Instead, it shed light on some dissonance and tension. The flutists even ditched the flute for other noises, in some cases making repeated “-ch -ch” sounds that sounded like a train chugging along tracks. This unique performance allowed the audience to experience a different aspect of the Flute Ensemble, which made for a more balanced concert as a whole.

Featured Image by Bridget Clark / Heights Staff

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