The Heights Website will be back on Sept. 4.

Our primary website,, is undergoing a full, top-to-bottom redesign this summer. Our website is switching from its previous state to this under-construction notice, which will remain on the page until the first print issue of the fall semester. will be up and running again on Sept. 4 with a brand new design on a site fully owned and operated by The Heights, Inc.These changes do not mean that our online coverage will be discontinued during the summer. Sports content can be found on our sports blog, and all other new content will be posted on the main blog. As our online archives will need to migrate over to the new version of the website, they will be unavailable during this transition period. To find old Heights stories or issues, readers can visit,, or contact our Online Manager at with an archive request.

Thank you!

You'll hear from us when we relaunch.