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Momentum Award: Larry Scott

By: David Cote

A lot  has changed in the chemistry department since Lawrence Scott first came to Boston College.

The current Louise and Jim Vanderslice and Family professor in chemistry arrived on the Heights in 1993, just after the construction of Merkert Hall, still the only academic building on campus dedicated to a single department.

BCSSH And University Still At Odds

By: David Cote

Tensions have calmed somewhat between the administration and Boston College Students for Sexual Health (BCSSH) since the controversy over “Safe Sites” made national headlines last week, but the students involved remain dedicated to their cause.

Admins Warn BCSSH About ‘Safe Sites’

By: David Cote

On Friday, Mar. 15, the University administration sent an email to the residents of all rooms identified as Boston College Students for Sexual Health (BCSSH) “Safe Sites,” indicating that students in those rooms could be in violation of University policy if they were found to be distributing condoms to the general student body. The letter, signed by Paul Chebator, dean of students, and George Arey, director of the Office of Residential Life, further indicated that residents of these rooms could be subject to disciplinary action.

Bergoglio Elected As First Jesuit Pope

By: David Cote

With the election of Pope Francis yesterday, the College of Cardinals has taken a step forward in the direction of a more global Catholic Church, Boston College theologians have said.
Francis, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the first Jesuit to become pope, as well as the first pope from South America. Although he was reportedly runner up to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in the last papal election, he was not initially considered a serious candidate for the papacy during this conclave, mostly due to his age-he is 76 years old. His election occurred on only the second day of the papal conclave, much faster than many theologians were expecting given the unique nature of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation.

Katongole Discusses Reconciliation, Faith

When Charlotte Atyam, a 14-year-old Ugandan schoolgirl, was kidnapped by rebel forces to be forced into sex slavery with 138 of her classmates, her mother Angelina was beyond heartbroken. When 109 of the girls were released shortly after the abduction, Charlotte was not among them. Angelina immediately took it upon herself to begin a campaign

University Files To Close Belfast Project Case

By: David Cote

In light of the recent death of ex-IRA member Dolours Price, Boston College recently filed a motion in the United States First Circuit Court of Appeals arguing that the legal case surrounding the Belfast Project subpoenas should be closed.

Bio Professor Earns Grant

By: David Cote

Biology professor Marc-Jan Gubbels was recently awarded a four-year, $720,000 grant from the American Cancer Society (ACS)-but his research isn’t on cancer.
Gubbels and his team are investigating Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that has already infected 20 percent of Americans.

Admissions Adds Essay, Number Of Applications Falls

By: David Cote

Boston College received almost 10,000 fewer applications for admission this year, down from 34,051 applications in 2012. Officials have attributed this 26 percent decrease mostly to the addition of a 400-word supplemental essay, a first since the University joined the Common Application in 1998.