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Paramore Struggles With A New Identity On Self-Titled Album

By: Brennan Carley

We live in a world populated by bands that exist as mere shells of their former selves. Guns N’ Roses is now the Axl Rose Experience, the Smashing Pumpkins essentially boils down to Billy Corgan and whoever isn’t pissing him off at the moment, and now, pop-punk early aught-staple Paramore is merely lead singer Hayley Williams with the help of the newly recruited Jeremy Davis and Taylor York.

Having hobbled along subsisting on one-off Twilight and Transformers soundtrack singles and the occasional award-show red carpet appearance, Paramore emerges relatively unscathed from its awkward transitional phase.

A$AP Rocky Ascends The Ranks On Debut ‘Long.Live.A$AP’

By: Brennan Carley

Much has been said about the state of New York hip-hop over the past decade, as Big Apple legacy acts like Nas and Jay-Z seem more interested in cashing in than creating iconic art. While Harlem based rapper A$AP Rocky doesn’t quite solve the problem on his debut album Long.Live.A$AP, he instead tilts the genre in a new direction, incorporating a world of styles that makes the disc more Times Square than Crown Heights.

Iconic Videos Live On

By: Brennan Carley, Taylor Cavallo, & Dan Siering

For our last scene as arts editors, we predict which videos from our generation will cement themselves as classics. The winner: “Yonkers”

Channeling the Reboot

By: Brennan Carley, Taylor Cavallo, Dan Siering, Ariana Igneri

Boy Meets World
During its seven-season run, the ’90s classic Boy Meets World captured viewers with its coming-of-age characters and every-day’s-a-lesson episodes. The ABC comedy followed Cory Matthews, the show’s protagonist, into Mr. Feeney’s history class, through the halls of John Adams High, and eventually down the aisle with Topanga Lawrence. After such a fulfilling conclusion, Boy Meets World fans may have been surprised by Disney’s recent announcement to produce Girl Meets World, a sequel focusing on Cory and Topanga’s preteen daughter. So, with the vague promise of such a spin-off lingering in the near future, we couldn’t help but wonder: What other shows would make for a good reboot? Which shows should should be left untouched?

Pop Culture Presidents

By: Brennan Carley, Taylor Cavallo, Dan Siering & Sean Keeley

Tom Hanks is far from being the youngest, sexiest, or most alluring movie star. He’s not the kind of celebrity whose every move and relationship is carefully scrutinized by the media. But those things have never been what makes Hanks special.

Snapshot Of An Artist

By: Brennan Carley, Taylor Cavallo, & Dan Siering

The world-famous photographer brings his work to Boston’s MFA this weekend. Here are three of the man’s most iconic works.