The Midas Touch

Erik Weihenmayer, BC ’99, lost his sight when he turned 13—since then, he’s become one of the most accomplished athletes in the world: He’s completed the Seven Summits, climbed technically challenging icefaces around the world, solo kayaked the Grand Canyon, and penned two books. But more notable than his standing at the top of Everest and Kilimanjaro, he’s created a formula for helping others brush past adversity and summit their fears. […]

2018 Momentum Awards

Just Have a Good Day

In 1976, Daniel Beaton began working as a custodian for Boston College as a 24-year-old father of three. Now, as a truck driver for BC’s mail services, Beaton has sent four of his five kids […]

2018 Momentum Awards

The Consummate Teammate

Almost 40 years ago, Boston College was leasing a property in Brighton. On Dec. 28, 1978, it brought one of the property’s maintenance staff members onto its own staff as a third-shift custodian. Around 10 […]

2018 Momentum Awards

The Love Story

T hirty-three years ago, love brought Frank Martins to Boston College. “I was working at Mass General Hospital,” Martins said. “My wife was actually a student here, she was living in Edmonds when I was […]

2018 Momentum Awards

Well Connected

Most Boston College students don’t give a second thought to the routine quiet “good, how are you,” they robotically repeat to the Boston College Dining cashiers, except to consider a quick “thanks, have a good […]

2018 Momentum Awards

The Sense of Humor

Entering O’Neill Library late at night, the exhausted and stressed appearances of students can often be disheartening. Among the desolation of students hard at work, security guard Tony Bianchi exists as a source of hope […]