Admins Reflect on Pathways Initiative

By: David Cote


Since August, residents in Hardey-Cushing have experienced a new type of interaction with their Resident Assistants (RAs) as part of the Pathways Initiative. Developed by the Office of Residential Life, the program aims to foster community growth and development in smaller resident communities.

Dinner And A Movie

By: Brennan Carley, Charlotte Parish

As the winter winds pick up speed, college students grow increasingly more reluctant to leave their dorm rooms on the chilly nights. It’s always an easy and cheap way to relax by spending evenings in common rooms with food and movies at ones’ disposal, but perhaps now is the time to take a second look at the age-old tradition.


Senator Brown Under Fire

By: David Cote

Junior Senator Scott Brown (R-Mass.) has come under fire from college students at both of his alma maters regarding his recent comments on federal student aid.

Earlier in 2011, Brown voted with his party in support of the Republican budget plan. Among numerous other proposals, the plan would have cut average Pell Grant funding to college students by $700.

However, on multiple occasions, Brown has commented on his struggles in paying for college and the opportunities afforded him by federal aid when he attended two private institutions: Tufts for his undergraduate degree, and Boston College Law School.

Despite Losing Season, Gameday Traditions Strong

By: David Cote

Although the Boston College football team has struggled with a 1-4 record this season, the gameday experience remains an integral part of many students’ typical fall weekend. The traditions and celebrations associated with gameday continue to fill the stands of Alumni Stadium with hundreds of Superfans each Saturday afternoon.

Manresa House Props Doors Open to Vocation

By: David Cote


Though hundreds of Boston College students walk down College Road every day, far fewer of them examine the cozy, homely buildings which line it. Manresa House, at 58 College Road, for example, is as unassuming as the buildings which surround it. A smallish, three-story, brick home, with a short set of steps and a welcoming doorway.