The Loss Of The Letter

By: Kristy Barnes

Everyday for the last two weeks, I’ve checked my mailbox. I’m not even sure if what I’m waiting for will ever come. Not because he doesn’t care or is too lazy to write-letters are simply not a common means of communication anymore.

COLUMN: Giving Thanks For The Campus School

By: Mary Kate Nolan

A couple of weeks ago a friend asked me to join her at a prayer service dedicated to the Campus School. She told me that the future of the Campus School was in jeopardy and that it would be a great opportunity to voice my support. I did not know much about the Campus School controversy. I decided to go to the prayer service and learn more about it.

COLUMN: A Different Kind Of Valentine’s Day

By: Kimberly Crowley

I’m not sure if all of my readers will feel the same way but, personally, Valentine’s Day seemed to be a much bigger deal this year. I was confused as to why Valentine’s Day had never felt this dramatic to me before this weekend. I started thinking of how I had spent Valentine’s Days past and, suddenly, had a flashback to something I had not thought about since high school. My Valentine’s Days were always special because I always had a Valentine, and he was my hero the other 364 days of the year.

COLUMN: Introduction To Politics

By: Nate Fisher

Piles of fliers are being dragged down hallways around Lower Campus, and heaved into trash rooms engorged on this wasted paper. And the knocking, the I-swear-to-God if-it’s-another-one-of-them, the knocking quite literally hits home. UGBC election season is back.

COLUMN: Manning’s Losing Legacy

By: Stephen Sikora

With a win on Sunday, Manning would complete the best single season performance in the history of the quarterback position and become the greatest passer of his generation, if not all time. Yet, after a 43-8 shellacking from the Seattle Seahawks and their Legion of Boom defense, we’re left wondering-what’s Peyton Manning’s legacy?

COLUMN: What Is Love?

By: Kimberly Crowley

With Valentine’s Day creeping up on us, my friends recently devised an interesting challenge-we each agreed to write speeches about what love means to us. I realized that there are plenty of people who are willing to try to explain love in definite terms. I’m not going to make overarching claims, however. Instead, I’m going to admit that I can only try to interpret what love means based on how I’ve experienced it.