COLUMN: Waiting For An Email…

By: Lucy Smukler

For Americans across the nation, Sept. 11, 2001 will be forever engrained in our memories. Flash forward to Sept. 11, 2013, just a few short days ago. I flipped on the news and watched President Obama partaking in a moment of silence. That’s when it hit me-I hadn’t gotten an email.

Every Person Is A Person

There are currently 7,108,685,580 people on Earth. That number increased by about 15 as soon as I finished writing that sentence, and because that comma made you pause for half of a second it just increased by another 10. Every single one of those people born will be a person. They’ll be a child, have their first kiss and a favorite movie, maybe even go to summer camp or get married, and eventually die. You may not realize it right now, but you’ll never fully understand this concept. Never. And it’s not your fault.

I Am Not Natalie Portman

For the past 14 years, When Harry Met Sally has normalized the idea that two platonic friends who are deeply in love with each other (but who are refusing to admit it!) can be secret soul mates.

Let’s Talk About Love

What is it about being in love that makes us think in poetry? That makes us want to sing songs and dance and jump off of rooftops, grow wings, and fly to the stars? That burns holes in our hearts while simultaneously making them feel fuller and brighter? That transforms all of our rational thoughts into mush and makes us want to say “forever” over and over again like a lyric stuck repeating on a broken CD? That turns menial activities like doing homework, going to CVS, and walking to class together into grand adventures? That makes us literally feel colors when our loved one is in the same room as us? I don’t know, but it sure is weird sometimes. So, I’d like to talk about it.

Pop Life

As of today, I have almost 5,000 songs on my computer. In 2000, I went to a show in New York City called Pokemon Live, and after my seven-year-old heart palpitated at the sound of Ash Ketchum’s beautiful onstage voice, I couldn’t resist buying the soundtrack.

An Attempt to Humanize Feminists

In 10th grade, I had to film a documentary for my AP government class. A group of 30 students, 15- and 16-year-olds, were divided into groups of about five to six people, and each group could choose any topic on which to do their documentary.

Freedom Makes You Fat

September has come and passed. (I will spare all of you and not quote Green Day). I’m upset about this passing because September is my favorite month of the year. For me, it is a month of change.

Social Media: Your Annoying, Clingy Boyfriend

“My name is Alexia LaFata, and I have been using for nine years” is something I imagine I’d say if I were to enroll in a rehab-esque group for people addicted to social media. And when I say “using,” I mean I have been instant messaging and social networking since I was nine years old.