COLUMN: Manning’s Losing Legacy

By: Stephen Sikora

With a win on Sunday, Manning would complete the best single season performance in the history of the quarterback position and become the greatest passer of his generation, if not all time. Yet, after a 43-8 shellacking from the Seattle Seahawks and their Legion of Boom defense, we’re left wondering-what’s Peyton Manning’s legacy?

COLUMN: What Is Love?

By: Kimberly Crowley

With Valentine’s Day creeping up on us, my friends recently devised an interesting challenge-we each agreed to write speeches about what love means to us. I realized that there are plenty of people who are willing to try to explain love in definite terms. I’m not going to make overarching claims, however. Instead, I’m going to admit that I can only try to interpret what love means based on how I’ve experienced it.

COLUMN: A Case For Australia

By: Mary Kate Nolan

When I first told my brother I was going abroad to Australia, he looked at me and replied, “That won’t look good on a resume.” I received similar feedback from professors and faculty I had confided in last year.

COLUMN: In Defense Of Concrete

By: Nate Fisher

Our time at Boston College is defined by construction projects-Stokes Hall, St. Mary’s, Shea Field, and many others. This column is about design, in particular why the current designs of O’Neill Plaza and the Quad demand more scrutiny than they’ve had up to this point.

COLUMN: Bridging The Gap

By: Jovani Hernandez

Chestnut Hill, Mass. is 195 miles away from the Bronx, N.Y., but every time I return home for a break, the two locations seem to get farther apart from one another.

COLUMN: Now Fear This!

By: Patrick Angiolillo

I have a policy about spiders. Some might disagree with me. PETA would probably be outraged-guessing by their reaction to the president killing a fly some time ago. Others, though, might concur. My policy runs thus: All spiders, by virtue of their being, ought not to be.