COLUMN: Bridging The Gap

By: Jovani Hernandez

Chestnut Hill, Mass. is 195 miles away from the Bronx, N.Y., but every time I return home for a break, the two locations seem to get farther apart from one another.

Development Discussion Should Be More Inclusive

By: The Heights Editorial Board

At a recent public hearing, members of the Boston arts community cited real estate as one of their most prominent concerns, and some expressed the opinion that the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) has made decisions in the past that were contrary to their interests. The issues of planning, zoning, and city development-and how they affect the arts community-are not as far removed from the everyday life of the average Boston College student as they might initially appear.

LTE: Three Trends That UGBC Policy Leaders Must Address


There is a gripping election in the works on the Heights. [The teams] should be paying close attention to three trends that will shape both the immediate and long-term prospects of this University. The hybridization of the sciences and humanities, the diversification of the student body, and the execution of the [Institutional] Master Plan will affect every Boston College student and Eagles to come.

CWBC Offers Much To BC Female Undergrads

By: The Heights Editorial Board

The Council for Women of Boston College (CWBC) held an event on Tuesday night, “Preparing for the Journey: What’s Your Brand,” with the aim of helping female undergraduates shape a plan for career development. Especially in the face of recent concerns about declining female self-confidence in college, and at BC in particular, CWBC events on campus fulfill an important role by providing the opportunity for students to hear personal testimonies from successful BC alumnae and to network with them.

Record Turnout Marks Successful Spring Fair

By: The Heights Editorial Board

Despite recent, unsuccessful attempts at a second semester student-run activities fair, this year’s Spring Involvement Fair in the Rat was filled with both organizations and students last Thursday. In addition, the student organizations division under the new structure of UGBC has expedited the process for student groups to become a registered student organization (RSO), encouraging more students to start their own RSOs.

Lerner’s Grant Reflects Research Achievements

By: The Heights Editorial Board

After 18 years as a professor in the Lynch School of Education and nearly three decades of researching child development, Jacqueline Lerner has been awarded a $1.96 million grant to fund a three-year longitudinal study on moral development in youth. Lerner’s research on youth self-regulation and adolescent virtuous behavior is regarded by many as being at the forefront of its kind, and rightly so, given her extensive list of publications on the subject.

The Language Of Discourse

By: Ben Olcott

Discourse, and this is my Clark Kentish definition, is the set of and interplay between words and tones in specific contexts. Discourses provide texture to fundamental social structures for better or for worse. 

An Eye For An Eye?

By: Jaclyn Susskind

By the end of this month, Attorney General Eric Holder will make his final decision whether to seek the death penealty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, responsible for the April bombing in Boston. And so, the question of justice is brought in. Would the death penalty provide the people of Boston and America a sense of fair play?