Chebator’s Retirement Caps Impressive Career

By: The Heights Editorial Board

Dean of Students Paul Chebator has recently made it public knowledge that he plans to retire at the end of this semester. This marks the conclusion of a 34-year career working in the Dean of Students’ office. During his time at the University, he has consistently striven to make life at BC better for students, often going above and beyond the call of duty.

LTE: Criticism Of Leahy Is Unwarranted


I read Adam DeMuro’s letter [Heights, Jan. 30] with a combination of surprise and disappointment. Some of his barbs, especially those directed at the way Jack Dunn has publicly expressed himself concerning the future of the Campus School, seem (to me, anyway) to have found their target with devastating accuracy.  But I also know Fr. Bill Leahy. To borrow Adam’s use of caps: Fr. Leahy is NOT the sort of person who would lie about something like that.

COLUMN: In Defense Of Concrete

By: Nate Fisher

Our time at Boston College is defined by construction projects-Stokes Hall, St. Mary’s, Shea Field, and many others. This column is about design, in particular why the current designs of O’Neill Plaza and the Quad demand more scrutiny than they’ve had up to this point.

Development Discussion Should Be More Inclusive

By: The Heights Editorial Board

At a recent public hearing, members of the Boston arts community cited real estate as one of their most prominent concerns, and some expressed the opinion that the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) has made decisions in the past that were contrary to their interests. The issues of planning, zoning, and city development-and how they affect the arts community-are not as far removed from the everyday life of the average Boston College student as they might initially appear.

LTE: Three Trends That UGBC Policy Leaders Must Address


There is a gripping election in the works on the Heights. [The teams] should be paying close attention to three trends that will shape both the immediate and long-term prospects of this University. The hybridization of the sciences and humanities, the diversification of the student body, and the execution of the [Institutional] Master Plan will affect every Boston College student and Eagles to come.

CWBC Offers Much To BC Female Undergrads

By: The Heights Editorial Board

The Council for Women of Boston College (CWBC) held an event on Tuesday night, “Preparing for the Journey: What’s Your Brand,” with the aim of helping female undergraduates shape a plan for career development. Especially in the face of recent concerns about declining female self-confidence in college, and at BC in particular, CWBC events on campus fulfill an important role by providing the opportunity for students to hear personal testimonies from successful BC alumnae and to network with them.

COLUMN: Now Fear This!

By: Patrick Angiolillo

I have a policy about spiders. Some might disagree with me. PETA would probably be outraged-guessing by their reaction to the president killing a fly some time ago. Others, though, might concur. My policy runs thus: All spiders, by virtue of their being, ought not to be.