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Investing in Ourselves and Our Future

Like every longstanding business, The Heights needs the ability to protect its long-term financial security. The University has its endowment; we have our fund. The Heights Fund began in 2010 as a separate nonprofit organization with the sole purpose of supporting the mission of The Heights. It exists as an entity outside of the day-to-day operations of the paper, created to be the financial backbone behind our organization and to invest in larger projects and growth. Similarly, in the face of unpredictable advertising revenue, The Heights Fund would provide us the opportunity to diversify our revenue streams. While this foresight existed, our commitment to the fund has wavered in years past and it has never reached its full potential.

This centennial campaign will be devoted to investing in our future in the form of The Heights Fund. All donations will be directed toward this account, controlled by a Board of Directors of previous editors and general managers. Removed from the day-to-day expenses of The Heights, this money will grow into our endowment, funding necessary projects we simply can’t afford now. With this campaign, we hope to create the financial foundation for our second century. Every donation received during the next two years will be a milestone in the history of The Heights.


The Heights has been in print for 98 years, and we have no intention on stopping. A thriving print operation anchors our content in a high-quality physical product and is critical to preserving the traditions and identity of The Heights. The Heights Fund can help future generations of Heights editors and staffers continue those traditions long after the centennial campaign. 


As you might have noticed, our current website was updated over the summer. While this will serve our needs for the time being, there will soon come a time where we will no longer be able to rely on WordPress to manage all our content. We are looking to develop a website from the ground up, with special attention to speed, journalistic management, and interactivity between content and our users.


To maintain our graphics, design, photography, and multimedia, we rely on products within the Adobe Creative Suite. Given the transition to the Software-as-a-Service model to access the latest builds and features, it is more important than ever to maintain up-to-date, industry-standard software to fully take advantage of the design team’s creativity.  


News has never been more visual. Photography, videography, and immersive reporting are becoming increasingly common, and The Heights endeavors to stay at the forefront of this change. To do so, we must be able to provide our staff with cameras, microphones, and other recording technology to capture a story from as many viewpoints as possible.


While The Heights remains at McElroy 113, many of our stories happen far beyond Chestnut Hill. To ensure that The Heights can continue producing firsthand, original content, our journalists must be able travel, be it with the Eagles, for an investigative story, or to reconnect with alumni.