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The Heights Fund was established in 2010 to function as an endowment for the newspaper in the coming decades. Since then, the decline in revenue from print advertising—once the overwhelming source of revenue for The Heights–has been falling over the last decade throughout the industry. Despite this, we have expanded significantly into the realm of online advertising and are constantly exploring new streams of digital revenue.

Nevertheless, your support is more important now that ever. An unrestricted donation to the Fund will be used to help cover the the day-to-day operations fees for printing our weekly and special editions, distribution, and operating expenses like our website, software, and services required to create and share our content. Alternatively, you may also restrict your donation to a specific project described below. If you wish to make this restricted donation, please include a note in your submission.


The Heights has been in print for 99 years, and we have no intention on stopping. A thriving print operation anchors our content in a high-quality physical product and is critical to preserving the traditions and identity of The Heights. Specific donations to print will allow us to continue to not only produce our weekly paper, but special issues for Sports Previews, Orientation Guides, and Commencement editions. 

The Website

Further, we are looking to completely overhaul our website in the coming months. While currently functional, a redesigned has the potential to greatly increase the speed, productivity, and quality of the content released. Given that the vast majority of our readers access our content online from their mobile devices, this is an area that will only continue to grow in importance as the curation of one’s own “personal news feed” becomes the prominent way news is read.

Digital Content Creation

 Like any modern publication, The Heights is digital-first. We don’t wait to publish important, breaking stories in print when they can reach more people online more quickly. As a result, the visual presentation of our work online is often what encourages viewers to read and react to the stories we post. Both the hardware and software we rely on for this work is over a decade old and will soon no longer remain a sustainable way of producing content. Therefore, we are looking to fund the software we use for creating and editing all of our content, as well as cameras, lenses, and photography gear for all the events we cover.


While The Heights remains at McElroy 113, many of our stories happen far beyond Chestnut Hill. To ensure that The Heights can continue producing firsthand, original content, our journalists must be able travel, be it with the Eagles, for an investigative story, or to reconnect with alumni.