Observe clearly, report accurately.

This is Eagle-Eyed, a new podcast from The Heights

We’re living at a time with so much happening around us, both in and out of the BC Bubble. There’s more news, more entertainment, more dog Instagrams, more Steve Addazio clips, more excessively long videos our friends posted from five different Walsh parties last night. And it’s all coming at us faster than we can swipe on to the next thing.

We’re here to sort through all of that, and provide you with the stories you need to hear most. As part of our transition to a once-a-week print publication this fall, our entire editorial staff is committed to redoubling our efforts to report stories in a prompt, engaging, and truthful manner. It’s our foremost goal to observe clearly, and report accurately — that’s where we’re taking the name for this show.


Episode #7: February 12, 2018 — The first episode of 2018, hosted by Jack Miller and Jack Goldman, describing the upcoming UGBC election, and each campaign’s platforms. Jack and Jack also delve into the current issue of whether or not the Graduate Student Union at BC will continue to exist.

Episode #6: Nov. 20, 2017 — After the ‘Silence Is Still Violence’ march, UGBC president Akosua Achampong and Dean of Students Thomas Mogan talk about how they’re trying to promote change.

Episode #5: Nov. 7, 2017 — Voters in Boston take to the polls today to decide between Marty Walsh and Tito Jackson for will serve as their mayor next term. What each candidate has stood for, and the main issues that have shaped their campaigns.

Episode #4, Oct. 27, 2017 — Two weeks ago, multiple incidences of racism occurred at Boston College. How students are working to make the week a movement, rather than a moment.

Episode #3: Sept. 28, 2017 — For nearly three years, graduate student employees at Boston College have been trying form a union. Here are the steps of that journey and the outlook for the future.

Episode #2: Sept. 8, 2017  On this episode of Eagle-Eyed, the commemoration of the new “Pete Frates Day” in Boston, and BC’s often-quiet president condemns white supremacists.

Episode #1: Aug. 31, 2017 — On the first episode of Eagle-Eyed, a look at Boston’s ‘Free Speech Rally,’ and a BC student taking action against fascism.