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Do you like to read? Write? Take photos? Sell ads? On The Heights, Boston College’s only independent student newspaper, you can do all of those things. Join FLIP: the Freshman Leadership Initiative Program. FLIP is an immersive, semester-long opportunity for freshmen that will give you a chance to explore several roles in the newsroom, from reporting and photography to digital content and ad sales. You will be paired with a current Heights board member who will serve as your mentor, helping you figure out your future with The Heights. They’ll teach you some of the basics, and guide you through your first semester at Boston College.

Hear Outreach Coordinator Sarah Moore talk about FLIP:

flips 2015 ed

Some members of 2015 FLIP with last year’s Outreach Coordinator, Kayla Famolare (center).

About The Heights…

The Heights is student-run and is financially and editorially independent from the University. Students report, edit, take photos, design pages, sell ads, and market the paper, which is printed twice-weekly. Want daily updates? Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and check out bcheights.com.

Meetings for FLIP will be every Sunday for the remainder of first semester. They are led by Sarah Moore, the Outreach Coordinator. She will teach you the basics of journalism and help take your existing skills to the next level. No prior experience in journalism is necessary to apply.

Please fill out the form below.

Updated: Applications for FLIP 2016 have closed. If you would still be interested in working with The Heights, visit this link here.

Questions? Contact Sarah at [email protected] Feel free to stop by McElroy 113, the Heights office, on Sundays and Wednesdays anytime from 6-8 pm to see what The Heights is all about.


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