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    18 Feb 2016
    Created in 2016, this site was established to fundraise in order to maintain and grow our professional-level news organization. Since 1919, The Heights has brought the news to the Boston College community. And now,...
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We are The Heights

The Heights was founded in 1919 and has since served the students, faculty, and staff as Boston College’s student newspaper. With an annually-elected editorial board of around 40 undergraduates, The Heights has been a defining element of student’s Boston College experience for generations. While the paths of Heights alumni extend into far more fields than journalism, they all share a foundation rooted in McElroy 113.

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Urgent Cause

New Camera

With the industry trend of journalism shifting more and more from print to online platforms, a strong multimedia presence is necessary for The Heights to maintain its standing as a competitive student newspaper. Currently, the photo team has just three cameras to split among three editors and 10 staff members...
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