What is HIP? 

The Heights Introduction Program (HIP) is a mentorship program and an opportunity for all underclassmen interested in getting involved with The Heights, Boston College’s only independent student newspaper, during the fall semester. With HIP, students will gain immediate exposure to college journalism. The HIP application can be found at the bottom of this page, or at the link below. Once members are accepted, they promptly begin to learn about the different aspects that The Heights offers. We understand that while many newcomers are interested in writing, some have talents in design, photography, multimedia, and business. Two weeks into the program, students are paired with one of the 42 Heights editors based on their interests.

These editors work as mentors and come from all sections on the paper, including photography, design, business, and the editorial content sections. Not only do the mentors teach skills like how to write a first article, lay out a page, photograph an event, or sell an ad, but they also serve as an immediate upperclassman mentor and friend.

We want interested students, especially freshman and transfers, to feel included in The Heights community. This program requires a strong time commitment and meetings are held each Wednesday in the newsroom so that mentees will get a feel for the fast-paced environment with which the editors work. HIP recruits interested and dedicated students who are eager to work for this exclusive program. No prior experience is necessary, but passion and excitement is encouraged. If you have any questions, contact Kelsey McGee at [email protected]. The HIP application is now open, and can be found  in the Google Form at the bottom of this page.

You can also click here to fill out the HIP application.

Important Dates

  • Involvement Fair: Friday, Sept. 1
  • Heights information session: Monday, Sept. 11
  • HIP app due: Friday, Sept. 15
  • HIP interviews: Monday Sept. 18 to Wednesday, Sept. 20
  • HIP decisions released: Friday, Sept. 22
  • HIP begins: Wednesday, Sept. 27

From FLIP to HIP

Why the change from the Freshman Leadership Initiative Program (FLIP) to HIP? As we transition from a twice-weekly print schedule and move toward an online focus, we need not just dedicated freshmen, but students of all ages, who wish to engage with us on a deeper level. In previous years, only freshmen were admitted, and paired immediately with their mentors during the first week—these meetings were not held in the newsroom. HIP requires a stronger time commitment, streamlining mentees to become staff writers, photographers, and ad staffers. Each week will center around a different journalistic focus: editorial, multimedia, design, web, and business. HIP is open to receptive and engaged students who will produce content each week. Instead of pairing students with their mentors immediately, they will first get a taste of each section before tailoring their interests and working in small groups. We hope that this evolution from FLIP to HIP will draw interested and involved freshmen to The Heights. HIP is open to all students in the Classes of 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Where have alumni gone on to work?

  1. Wall Street Journal
  2. CBS News
  3. The Boston Globe
  4. The Boston Herald
  5. Boston Magazine
  6. New York Magazine
  7. Vanity Fair
  8. ELLE Magazine
  9. GQ
  10. Forbes
  11. ESPN
  12. NESN.com
  13. The National Review
  14. WCVB – Channel 5 Boston
  15. CSN New England
  16. Washington Post Express
  17. Food & Wine Magazine
  18. New England Patriots
  19. Boston Red Sox
  20. Atlanta Falcons
  21. Major League Baseball
  22. Oxford University Press
  23. Penguin Random House
  24. Production for Dancing with the Stars
  25. Columbia Journalism Graduate School

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