2016 Spring Sports Preview

It has been years since BC’s spring sports have made waves in the postseason. Baseball is six years removed from its most recent NCAA Tournament bid. Softball hasn’t been back since the Eagles were in the Big East. And lacrosse has never been farther than the NCAA Quarterfinals. But, at long last, there are blue skies ahead.

Mike Gambino

One Final Hurdle Mike Gambino’s recruiting plan has finally panned out. The only thing missing is a trip to the postseason. Why this year is that year for Boston College baseball.

Mike Gambino still isn’t so sure how it happened. Chris Shaw, arguably the best Boston College baseball player the program ...
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Sarah Mannelly

Funny Business Team captain Sarah Mannelly leads lacrosse by making everyone laugh.

How do you get on the campus SnapStory? It’s a question that every member of the Boston College population has ...
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nick sciortino

All Caught Up How Nick Sciortino became the ACC's best defensive catcher.

Out of all the bad things that happened to Boston College baseball on April 10, 2015, Nick Sciortino’s error was ...
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BC Softball

Baby Steps BC Softball's long journey back to the postseason.

“I see us going to Regionals.” Tatiana Cortez’ words garnered the nods of her two teammates, Annie Murphy and Allyson ...
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Mike King

From Start to Finish Ace Mike King and closer Justin Dunn anchor one of the Eagles' best pitching staffs in recent history.

Is Mike King even going to last three innings tonight? Head coach Mike Gambino remembers pacing in the dugout in ...
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Margolis 1 BW Quack

Trophy Dreams In her final year, senior Caroline Margolis seeks her crowning achievement.

In 2007, something didn’t feel right for Caroline Margolis. The North Carolina native was in the seventh grade at the ...
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