UGBC Non-Discrimination Effort is a Good First Step

The extent of GLC’s power ends with its presentation, report, and proposal. As an organization of student government, it can organize and fight for its cause, but cannot actually implement any of the policies it proposes for the University.Despite this, the proposal still remains a good first step toward its goals and, even if rejected, acts as a symbolic gesture declaring UGBC’s stance when it comes to this issue.


Student Diversity Issues Reveal Need for New Administrative Position

One of the most realistic and immediate ways for the administration to respond to these concerns and the complaints of groups such as Eradicate would be to institute an administrative position meant specifically to address these issues, an idea initially brought up by the Undergraduate Government of Boston College in its fall proposal.


New Fundraising Investigation Should Include All BC Voices

When it comes to University spending, there is a persistent issue between the administration and a number of students: a perceived lack of interest in student needs when it comes to spending money. Since the process for the next fundraising campaign is just beginning, now is the perfect opportunity to confront these complaints from the outset, establishing a desire to collaborate with students on how money is spent.