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The Week in Photos: 11/4 – 11/10

This week, The Heights covered Andrew Klavan’s lecture as well as its corresponding protest, on and off-campus concerts, BC hockey, the return of BC basketball, and some heartbreaking BC field hockey and BC football losses. Here’s the week summed up in photos. […]


BC Republicans’ Choice to Invite Klavan Unproductive, Needlessly Divisive

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, Andrew Klavan, a writer and conservative talk show host, gave a lecture at Boston College entitled “The Art of Being Free.” The event, sponsored by Boston College Republicans, was heavily protested due to Klavan’s history of Islamophobic, sexist, and racist comments.   As the sponsoring organization, it [...]





Gary Gulman’s Humble Humor

“In 2017, I thought about transitioning out of comedy, but then I started to feel a bit better and do some comedy. I wrote new jokes and they were different, and I was encouraged by a quote of Samuel Beckett’s: ‘Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.’” […]